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We're all a bit different...

It's hard to believe just how complex the process of choosing a fabric can be. Material, blend, color, weight (measured in GSM or grams per square meter of fabric), interior finish, exterior finish, and so many other factors... it can get a bit confusing, to say the least.

Understanding fabric differences and style differences can be a bit of an arduous process, but we want to make that a bit easier by laying out one of the primary differences you'll find on lttstore hoodies - whether the fabric is french terry or brushed fleece.

And there is no one I would trust more to explain that difference than our Fashion Designer, Bridget.

Bridget Bergman
Fashion Designer & fabrics aficionado

At Creator Warehouse, we're working on a TON of new styles right now - especially with hoodies. One of the biggest differences you'll find between some of our offerings is whether there is a french terry or brushed fleece backing inside the hoodie.

French terry is a jersey fabric (basically just a knit fabric which is soft and stretchy, like a t-shirt) with loops of yarn on the inside. Garments with french terry are usually seen as a bit more functional since the terry gives them a more light weight and breathable feel than you'd find with brushed fleece. French terry fabrics are still super comfy, but typically don't feel as heavy as a full brushed fleece, and feature more moisture wicking capability. It's comfortable, plush, soft, and great for loungewear and basics - which is why we went with french terry for the WAN hoodie and a few other upcoming garments.

Jersey fabric with french terry backing

Brushed fleece - sometimes just referred to as "sweatshirt fleece" - is similar to french terry in that it has a smooth jersey face with loops of yarn on the inside, but after the fabric is woven these loops are shredded and cut up in manufacturing. That's what creates that soft fuzzy fleece that many people absolutely love in sweatshirts. It is generally warmer than french terry and feels soft and cozy against skin, but can definitely feel a bit heavier - especially when wet. It's a great choice if your biggest goal with a garment is ultimate comfort & coziness.

Jersey fabric with brushed fleece backing

Both fabrics are easy to wash and wear, and can be worn comfortably everyday. The biggest factor to consider is - like many things - personal preference. Some of our internal testers love the french terry functional feeling, and others love the warmth of fleece. We've definitely got some offerings in both varieties coming soon, so keep your eye on lttstore for more updates as we move into 2022!

Heck yeah. We've definitely got a lot of new garments coming down the pipeline, and we should have some big store changes coming next year as well... so expect to see a lot more info on each product page which will help you make the right decisions on what styles and sizes YOU want when picking stuff on lttstore.


COO / Creator Warehouse