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We're All About Precision...

It’s not every day that we get to leak a whole lot more info than Linus already has… so let’s revel in this together :) 

You may have seen a few teasers of our upcoming Precision Screwdriver, and to say that were excited about it would be an extreme understatement. If you thought our standard screwdriver was a fun fidget toy, you haven’t seen anything yet. And we even managed to fit some fantastic (and familiar) features inside that you haven’t seen on any other precision driver.

Why make a precision driver?

We have a ton of respect for those already in the precision driver & kit space - as you’ve probably seen, we use precision screwdrivers on the channel and in our office basically as much as anyone reasonably could. And in that use, we’ve found a few pieces that could be improved to provide a more premium experience to people like us who use these day in and day out.

The biggest one - and the party trick here - is the fun factor. Were including a ceramic/steel hybrid bearing in the end cap of our precision driver, which offers a smooth feel and function without compromise. This started out as a functional choice for us as we theorized that a smoother bearing could lead to a better user experience. In this case, we were absolutely right, but on this journey we also discovered a joy we never expected… the magic of the spin.

We tested over 10 variations of full ceramic and ceramic/steel hybrid bearings to find the right blend of form and function, and we’ve found a great blend that were super happy with. When spun by hand, we’ve measured the longest spin at more than 70 seconds, and the smooth feeling when you’re disassembling a [whatever console blah blah] is absolutely unmatched.

In addition to the bearing, we’ve also upped the game with precision end caps by making our interchangeable. You can quickly swap them out with a 10mm wrench, and we plan on offering a variety of sizes and formats (concave, convex, flat) to make sure your driver fits perfectly with your hand and grip. It’s all about improving that day to day experience.

And just below the end cap you’ll find organized in-handle bit storage. This is a bit different from our standard driver’s bit storage as it uses neodymium magnets rather than a mechanical closure, which leads to a satisfying feel and similarly reliable operation. If you only need 3-4 bits throughout your day, you can throw 3 in the back, keep 1 in the shank, and ditch your full kit in favor of a precision driver in your pocket throughout the day. We think this will be a game changer for a lot of techs who work with specific hardware that features a limited set of screws.

As always were using premium materials across the board - black anodized 6061 aluminum on the handle, orange anodized 5052 on the end cap, 303 stainless steel on the internal shaft, and acetal for the internal bit clips. This is intended to be a fantastic solo purchase if you don’t yet have a precision driver or kit, OR a simple drop-in upgrade if you love your existing precision kit every day and just want a more premium driver for some extra swag.

So… when can I get one?

Were still a few months away from general availability, but were planning to offer a unique launch experience on this product. Sign-up for updates here, there may be an opportunity to purchase a limited number of pre-launch drivers early (more details to come in early 2024). AND, we know many of you really enjoyed the launch event we ran for the original screwdriver in 2022, where we sold the first ~500 pieces in person ahead of online availability, so we certainly want to bring an experience like that in March or April of 2024. Midnight launch? Maybe? :) 

This is one of the many products were excited to bring to you in 2024, and were happy to keep you updated on this journey to get there. In the meantime, consider picking up one of our recently launched Noctua Screwdrivers - it’s the same amazing product in an unmistakable color palette, and it’s available while supplies last.