LTT Cable Ties 20-pack (White Printing, Black tie)

$14.99 USD

These are without question the GREATEST cable ties that we have ever created. They feature quality hook and loop fasteners, a muted design, and two-sided printing so they'll work for any wrap orientation.  

- 20 per pack
- 20cm long (7.87in)
- pass-through slot for easy re-use

Order now, so you can finally make your cable runs clean AF and rep LTT at the same time!

Customer Reviews

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John Smith
John Smith

John Smith the 1st, John Smith the 2nd, John Smith The 3rd, John Smith The 4th, John Smith The 5th, John Smith Jr. The 1st, John Smith Jr. The 2nd, John Smith Jr. The 3rd, John Smith Jr. The 4th, John Smith Jr. The 5th.

Martin Dupuis
Stylish and sturdy

My cables are now tied with style !

Hassan Bassassi
The most underrated item that you can buy on the internet

You can't have enough cable ties .. I use them all the time, very useful 👍

Ryan D
Nice Ties

Look good, work well.

Yep. They're cable ties.

I use these to keep my cables tidy.
Wrapping things up for travel? LTT Cable Tie.
Tidying up cables for my standing desk at work? LTT Cable Tie.
Setting up a clean-ass streaming setup for my friend's wedding? LTT Cable Tie.
Now all I gotta do is manage the wires on my desk at home so it's not... a total mess

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