LTT Cable Ties 20-pack (White Printing, Black tie)

These are without question the GREATEST cable ties that we have ever created. They feature quality hook and loop fasteners, a muted design, and two-sided printing so they'll work for any wrap orientation.  

Order now, so you can finally make your cable runs clean AF and rep LTT at the same time!

- 20 per pack
- 20cm long (7.87in)
- pass-through slot for easy re-use
$14.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Damian Sanchez
Multi-Useful cables.

Been using to organize multiple cables at home, can't complain on the quality. Honestly meme aside this cable ties worked better than other 'well' stablished brands. I'll buy them again when I need them

Csabi Puskas

Its a bit hard to tighten the tie on itself because it gets stuck on itself through the hole and the Velcro, but its a nice cabletie

Pleasantly Surprised

I ordered them because they were reusable and I expected the rough velcro you find out on sandals perhaps, I was really surprised to find the velcro is rather flat and not rough to the touch at all, which means it won't be collecting as many of those cloth fibres and dust as regular velcro, All and all a great product.

Logan Barker
Better than expected.

I normally don't use cable ties but these, these are fantastic. Right out of the box the quality is just fantastic. I've only dealt with the super cheap velcro that doesn't feel great but these don't have that uncomfortable feeling while handling them. Everything about them is high quality and nice to use. Having to undo them a few times while moving they don't fight to stay in the shape they had been held in.

10/10 fantastic quality and fantastic price.

great quality, bad prices

I bought the pack and then a day later you guys released the 50 pack of variety color for the same price. So I was a bit disappointed, but I guess that's how it works.

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