CPU Pillow (Team Red)

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Exterior fabric:  Boa soft-touch suede textured polyester
Interior fill:        40% Alpaca Wool // 60% Polyester

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Very little information shared. Pillows are most likely ok. Shipping was a mess. Got double taxed.

Very little information shared. Pillows are most likely ok. Shipping was a mess. Got double taxed.

Pillows got there (But I wouldn't know how ok they are not since I won't be using them for the next 3-4 months until I pick them up from the address I received them at). Can only base their quality on the previous pillow I bought as a test. Sticker pack was missing which was a little cherry on top to the whole mess with shipping and double taxing.

Shipment barely arrived on the day before I was supposed to leave (Did a bit of tracking on my own and figuring out which providers the package was with. Since this information seems to be extremely hard to provide otherwise. Could not pick up my package because of the taxes not being handled by LTT Store as I was told would be the case. They had to do extra processing for that to happen which would only happen on the day I would be already out of the country.

And yes. I got the information that shipping is still a mess from the support team but that's all the more reason to provide info as things evolve. There was a notable lack of communication regarding if there will be a delay or not (which there was). New estimates based on the situation would be nice. All I can do is look at the tracking and hoping it still arrives on time. If there was an updated estimate I could at least know ahead of time what is going to happen. Since the whole shipping process was intransparent there was no way to easily find new info unless a lot of time was spent on it.

And the same can be said with the whole double taxing affair. No idea when the statement about double taxing was published (since there was no date on it) but I only got the info about this when I asked support about it. This is not how this information should be handed out if you realized there is an issue with the taxes that were already paid to you. At the same time as you released the statement a mass email should have also been sent out to European accounts/orders to inform them about this. Expecting it is way different o of a feeling from it coming as a surprise (Especially when it prevents you from picking up your package when it's right there but they won't give it to you because it needed tax processing & payment). Now I'm waiting for the refund of the taxes.

In general it was a big mess in terms of information handling. It's way easier to understand what's going on if information and updates are being sent before it's happening. Instead what I got is 0 info (besides the very minimal amount of info from the tracking link - which does not even track the package properly unless you figure out your new codes after it gets handed out to a different service). Had to go a lot of digging around myself to track down the package (several phone calls, going to the delivery offices)

At this point I don't really feel like ordering from LTT Store ever again. At least for the time being, I just get bitter whenever I hear LTT Store mentions in videos. Great fun. Don't want it again.

As such the review is more generally towards the store. The pillows are really nice I'm sure (since the one I got for testing is really good). I use the small ones for my elbows on my desk to have something soft to rest on. Really useful for that. Too bad I won't be using them for the next few months.

Robin Horan

CPU Pillow (Team Red)

Will Z
Big and Fluffy

I purchased the 50cm and it's really big and very well stuffed. It takes up about twice as much space as I expected. The stitching is top quality and it's much softer than I thought it would be. I'm very happy with it but I probably could have gone with the 30cm version.

damian gonzalez

the pillow is great for decoration on my desk.

Cats love it a bit too much...

It's a soft nice little decorative piece for my room and the cats just outright refuse to leave it alone. A remarkable thing it hasn't been ruined yet by em.

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