LTT Northern Lights Desk Pad

$29.99 USD

The long-awaited LTT Desk Pad is HERE!!! Featuring a dynamic and colorful "Northern Lights" design on the left, and a clear mousing area on the right. 

Surface:      Soft Smooth Micro-texture Cloth
Base:          3.5mm Non-slip eco-friendly natural rubber base
Edge:          Anti-fray stitching



All LTT Northern Lights Desk Pads feature a 3.5mm rubber base

  900mm x 300mm   /   35.4” x 11.8”

  900mm x 400mm   /   35.4” x 15.7”

  900mm x 500mm   /   35.4” x 19.7”

  900mm x 600mm   /   35.4” x 23.6”

  900mm x 700mm   /   35.4” x 27.6”


1000mm x 300mm   /   39.4” x 11.8”

1000mm x 400mm   /   39.4” x 15.7”

1000mm x 500mm   /   39.4” x 19.7”

1000mm x 600mm   /   39.4” x 23.6”

1000mm x 700mm   /   39.4” x 27.6”


1200mm x 300mm   /   47.2” x 11.8”

1200mm x 400mm   /   47.2” x 15.7”

1200mm x 500mm   /   47.2” x 19.7”

1200mm x 600mm   /   47.2” x 23.6”

1200mm x 700mm   /   47.2” x 27.6”


Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
I have one and want another for the office!

This is the highest quality deskpad I have ever owned! Love the design and the feel of it, love it so much I want to order another one for my office desk. Please Restock :)

Tyler Vandal
I purchased this product and love it

This was done in an alternate universe however. It is unlikely that I will ever be able to purchase this here on earth in my lifetime. I have been refreshing my browser since August of '97.

The product looks amazing, though.

Love it!

Quality for the price is amazing and the fact I could get the exact size I wanted is awesome, just need more to come in to stock so I can treat the OH to one too.

Ayush Kumar
Restock this please!!!

You are one of the only sellers who sell 1200mm x 400mm mousemats. I need one and want one badly!

Harsh Patel
Restock this

Restock this asap linus

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