Linus Plushie

"I want a holographic Linus at my house so I can see him every day, not gonna lie." - Pewdiepie, 2021

Well it's not a hologram, but now you CAN have your very own Linus at your house in cute plush form - with your choice of beard or no beard to match your favorite version of the Tech Tips man.

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It’s Gud

What else do I say it’s a small Linus when I need it.

Matthew Taylor
Nice arrives with broken stiching

Nice plushie well made and thought out. Unfortunately mine has a incomplete stich. So it will sit on a shelf were it's safe

Benjamin Y.
Perfectly Creepy

First, this was A LOT bigger than expected. I thought I was getting a regular-sized plushie, but I received an emergency pillow. Exceeded expectations.

My wife told me to get it out of the house immediately so it is now on my desk at work where it can keep an eye on everyone. Again, exceeded expectations.

Coincidently, my work PC gained RGB capability and my co-workers are petitioning for sandals to be acceptable workplace attire. 5/5 would buy again.

Aaron K
Lil’ Linus !

Great quality plushie love the addition to my computer room. We have lengthy conversations and sometimes arguments about my gaming habits and can feel like he’s judging me all the time. But I would never give him up , such a pal.


i ve been having sexual intercoursewith my beardless linus plushie since my wife left me . I actually bought 2 and the 2nd one just watches me and his twin please help me i need professional help

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