Linus Tech Tips Insulated Water Bottle - 21oz (620ml)

$29.99 USD

Show off your inner techie in style with the LTT vacuum-insulated water bottle.

Linus Tech Tips vacuum insulated water bottles are intended to keep hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours, and cold drinks cold for up to 16 hours.

Holds 21 fluid ounces

Important safety notes:

This product is NOT dishwasher safe
Do not place in the microwave
Do not place or store in the freezer
This product is not designed for the long-term storage of liquids

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Joakim Vefferstad-Nordby
Awesome bottle, but the lid is plastic.

I've had this bottle since it came out, and i've loved it. Mine has taken a beating from being dropped alot, but its still surviving.

One issue i have, is that since the lid is plastic, the lid can pop off. I have energy drinks in it, and the pressure causes the lid to pop off because its plastic.
But, it is a WATER bottle. so it's not designed to hold carbonated liquids. I do wish the lid was metal.

uga monke
Linus Tech Tips Insulated Water Bottles


Lucas Alves Mantovan
Very Good

Beautiful, really easy to clean and don't add metal taste to the water (most water bottles do)

Derek Byers
Amazing except......

Overall I'm impressed with the quality. The paint is of high quality and solid metal construction. The seal on the lid doesn't leak. It stays cool most of the day. Only complaint I have it it didn't come prefilled with LTT water inside the bottle. Other than that highly recommended.

Excellent bottle! Not the biggest fan of the lid :/

This keeps my coffee hot and my ice water cold. For a long freaking time. I can make coffee around 8 in the morning and have it still be nice and warm around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. It holds ice pretty dang good, too.

A sip lid would be an excellent addition to this bottle.
A slightly wider mouth (E.G. to accommodate an Aeropress) would also be appreciated. (buuuut there's a funnel for that)

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