Meme Face Sequin Pillow

If you've been searching for a way to display Linus' meme face in the comfort of your home, then look no further!

Disclaimer: These pillows aren't perfect. Some sequins may spin on their thread, showing the blank white portion of the sequin rather than the print, and there may be gaps between some sequins, especially around the edges.

We thought these were fun enough to overlook these small issues, but if that will bug you then we would recommend against buying one!


Warning: Do not leave unattended in reach of young children. The sequins may detach and become a choking hazard.



PICK Style:
SIZE GUIDE Linus Selfie: 40x40cm, Sad Linus: 50x30cm


 Sequins             - PET + High temperature polyester film
 Exterior fabric   - 100% polyester
 Interior fill         - 100% polyester

$29.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Sam Gleason
Amazing product

Really adds to the awesomeness of my room

Love it, just wish I got a clean one

I received this pillow with the MEMELORD promo, and I have no complaints with the softness of the pillow and the looks of it, nor the promo it’s self. But when I opened the box the package for the pillow was filled with broken off sequin pieces, not much that the pillow does not have the same image just a lot more than I thought would come off in shipping; also mine came with some gunk on some of the pieces of sequins (I didn’t know if those were worth a customer service ticket so I didn’t bother?). TLDR: haha Linus face funny, good to fidget with, mine just came with some gunk and more broken off pieces than expected. MEMELORD promo is worth of your wondering also

Caelan W.
Big Meme

I got it for free because of the epic gamer mouse pad I bought with it. Very worth it although I wish I had bought something useful like a wan hoodie instead/along side it as shipping is so expensive to New Zealand :'(

Cameron M.
Funny Man make funny Face

The Pillow was satisfactory! Not exactly something good to use as a general use pillow, but as an accent piece, mmm *chefs kiss*
My girlfriend even likes it, except for at night. 2 scary

Adam Runyon

Meme Face Sequin Pillow

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