Sweatband Set

Each set includes 2 wristbands and 1 headband, all 100% cotton

Wristband: 8cm width x 7cm height (3.1" x 2.8")

Headband: 18cm width x 5cm height (7.1" x 2")

Wash in cold water. Do not heat dry.

$9.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Robert Perlitz
I got sweaty but not my eyes

I bought the sweatbands just for use when I'll be active in warm weather. Turns out a lot of the airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica barely had AC. After a while the sweat was dripping down my arms and legs, but I didn't have to wipe it out of my eyes once while wearing the headband. Wrings out fairly easily as well.

Reuben Mahar
The most detailed review I've posted here to date.

These are sweatbands, as expected.

Soft and comfortable!

Plan to wear on the exercise bike! It feels like a good towel that has a soft quality to it. Tantamount to the softness of a stuffed animal (I mean it’s not as thin as I thought it would be, but it’s not as thick as plushy:). It is stretchy and durable.

Kendrick Johnston-Grier
Should not have been surprised.

I was surprised by how thick these were. For $10 bucks it's great!!!!
Used the headband today for the first time at a relay race. Worked perfect never had sweat in my eyes from rowing or running. Really does absorb a lot of sweat it's five and a half hours later and they're still wet...

Andrew Dickie
Absorbs my bodily fluids

I am a man. A big, hairy, sweaty, gamer man. When I'm whipping my mouse across my 8-foot mousepad, pinging head shots like an amateur MLG professional, my whole body sweats. My kidneys, working overdrive to convert my Mountain Dew to salt water, push it specifically through my arms and head. When you're a gamer, you know you can't have water dripping into your eyes. Imagine if you were on a 1-v-1 on Rust, losing the match because your stress sweat blinded you for a split second. You can avoid this terrible scenario by simply wearing an LTT headband. No, my wrists don't get cold, but they do get extremely sweaty after a 40hr session of Halo Infinite. So I protect the $300 mouse and mousepad from body droplets by wearing the LTT wristbands. You're already here. Just buy them. Buy them, and join me in being sweat free.

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