LTT Cable Ties 20-pack (White Printing, Black tie)

These are without question the GREATEST cable ties that we have ever created. They feature quality hook and loop fasteners, a muted design, and two-sided printing so they'll work for any wrap orientation.  

Order now, so you can finally make your cable runs clean AF and rep LTT at the same time!

$14.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Brian M
Very Nice... I Like!

I like ah-very much LTT Cable ties ( it Niiice!!

In all seriousness it's pretty nice... they are neatly stacked use a seemingly decent hook and loop that doesn't seem to be very abrasive to nylon/poly wrapped cables. Wouldn't mind more... and they even threw in a banana for size.

James Foster
Perfect for the job!

I just built a roughly 25,000$ sound system rack and choose the LTT ties for the cable managment job inside the rack. I've worked many years to save money towards this build, and went with nothing less than the best in every catagory. From equipment to cables and yes, to the ties themselves, I've made a point to have no compermises anywhere. I choose the LTT ties, not because I'm a fan even if I am, but because I know Linus has very high expectations from anything he allows his name to be attached to, and sells. I'm aware that LTT as a whole goes the extra mile to ensure any product they sell at their store meets or exceeds their design spec. This is inline with my thoughts when working a project, and even more so when it's my dream audio rack that's taken me a chunk of a careear to afford. I know and trust that any LTT store product I order will not only do as designed, but rise to use cases they were never intended for. Thank you guys for your hard work and all you do to ensure the community has access to such good products.

kyle Benson
i use them for everything

great product for almost any use case! will continue to buy these

Finally, decent cable management

I've avoided cleaning up cables until now because the readily available ties cut into them too much. The hole on the end could be slightly bigger, but otherwise top notch product, very happy.

Christopher Timlick
No complaints

They’re cable ties. Good number per package, they hold well. A nice product.

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