This is a back-order, so there will be some delay between order & shipping. Here's our best estimated schedule so far:

Wave 1 (9,700 pieces): Shipped from our warehouse by September 20 (SOLD OUT)

Wave 2 (10,000 pieces): Shipped from our warehouse by October 10 (SOLD OUT)

Wave 3 (10,000 pieces): Shipped from our warehouse by October 30

Wave 4 (10,000 pieces): Shipped from our warehouse by November 10

We'll provide updates to expected shipping dates as soon as we can.

The long-awaited LTT Backpack has arrived for back-order!

We thoughtfully designed the 22 pockets & sleeves for a wide variety of daily uses. This bag can accommodate multiple laptops or tablets, portable game consoles, accessories, and hardware/tools - including a pocket dedicated to the upcoming LTT Screwdriver, and a hidden Airtag sleeve near the water bottle sleeve in our vast main storage pocket (we've affectionately called this one the "bag of holding" internally).

All straps & stitches have been reinforced well beyond what an average user would need, including our triple-rivet-reinforced top handle which can hold up to a pull force of 778.6N (175lb or 79kg).

We've aimed for the best possible materials in all aspects. Our main material is a Repreve Polyester with a water-resistant lining which we tested to an AATCC water repellency rating of 80 (spills & light rain will bead on its surface), and - like other materials from Repreve - is made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles. Our zippers are, of course, from the legendary YKK - they're water-resistant across all external pockets & sport custom LTT carabiner-style pulls on all main pockets.

This bag's internal carrying capacity is 25.5L, and the external volume is 35L. That big difference is primarily due to the abundance of padding & reinforcement throughout the bag, including between pockets & below the laptop sleeve, ensuring that your devices should never slide directly onto a hard surface when inserted into a sleeve. That reinforcement also gives the bag a lot of structure, meaning that under most circumstances it can stand on its own - no leaning against a desk required ;)

Max laptop size for largest sleeve: 11.25 x 15.5 x 1.25" (28.575 x 39.37 x 3.175cm)
Meets carry-on standards for most airlines (just barely fits under the seat!)

For more info about the bag, check out the variety of photos down below!
Orders including a backpack & other goods will ship separately. All other items will ship immediately & your backpack will ship as soon as it is available.
SIZE GUIDE 3.7lbs empty. 25.5L internal volume, 35L external size. Max laptop size for largest sleeve: 11.25 x 15.5 x 1.25" (28.575 x 39.37 x 3.175cm). Meets carry-on standards for most airlines (just barely fits under the seat!)
Main fabric - 900D * 900D, 100% Recycled Polyester, P/D + W/R + PU Coating Ripstop lining - 75D * 150D, 100% Recycled Polyester, P/D + W/R + TPU Coating

There are backpacks remaining in wave

$249.99 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Aidan Schroeder
The apple of backpacks (Thats Good And Bad)

I want to preface this by saying that I bought this for my son, and therefore haven't used it in the day-to-day. That being said, Here's my review.

This backpack is well made, and I fail to find anything bad about it, but I also wouldn't say that it's worth anywhere close to $250. Everything is as advertised and I got what I expected, so if you're looking at this backpack and think that it's worth it, then it's probably worth it to you.

All of this is to say, I am an apple enthusiast, far past the point of Jonathan Horst. I love the promise of quality, despite the high price point. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite, and maybe I'd buy a backpack mini, but I personally wouldn't buy one for myself.

New Daily Driver!

One of the best perks of having been a Certified Whale (TM). I’ve never owned a backpack that even comes close to this level of quality of materials and design.

The overall fit of the backpack was surprisingly near perfect right out of the box. I’m still experimenting with strap adjustments as I continue to use it, but was pleasantly surprised that it fit basically perfect on the first try.

I have no doubt that this backpack will last me well into the next few years, this thing is a tank!

No better bags at this price

I have been waiting forever for this bag to be out and now that it is, I want to give my thoughts on the bag.
I currently use a vans bag that I've torn through and was on the search for a bag for college. I had spent roughly a month trying to find alternative backpacks in case that the LTT bag won't be ready in time(and it isn't). Most of the bags I found either have half of the features of LTT bag or lacking in build quality are priced at 300+ before tax and any bag that had comparable quality shot the price up to 400+. I was about to settle for a Briggs & Riley cargo bag just but then the opportunity to go to Whale Lan struck and I decided to wait as I hoped to see the backpack in person. And man seeing the bag in person confirmed my beliefs that the LTT bag will last me longer at a cheaper price. One thing that I really love about the LTT bag is just how with the shoulder straps are and not just talking about the distance they are separated but the width of each strap. Most bags I saw had relatively thin straps that made carrying a heavy load tough on the shoulders as the straps would dig into the shoulder but the LTT bag doesn't have that issue. On the topic of straps, I will add on that they nailed the foam supports on the straps so that they are tough enough to not complete squish and also soft enough so it doesn't dig into your shoulders(again). The side pocket turned out more useful than I had thought, with it being very easy to reach and grab whatever is in there. The main pocket is perfect for stuffing everything you throw at it and it still gives plenty space for the laptop and front pocket to breathe a bit. These are just a few key highlights I managed to pick up while at the Lan but overall the bag is built like a tank and no doubt it will last me through college.

Tldr: An amazing backpack that Linus and the team have managed to engineer and create at an amazing price that it is honestly hard to beat.

Steven W.
The Apple Version of Tech Backpacks?

I was one of the lucky few that was able to get this backpack at the popup shop here in Vancouver on July 16th. I have now been using the bag for nearly 3 weeks and while I do not believe I have had enough time to really put it through the ringer, I have had a lot of time using it to commute to work and can provide a solid foundation to review the backpack.

For reference in this review I have two expensive backpacks from The North Face and Lululemon that I will be using to serve as comparison.
The first thing I immediately noticed about the bag was that it feels durable. Far more durable than any backpack I've owned. I was mostly impressed with the top handle of it, and like Linus has mentioned that it could tow a car, it is something I wholly believe would be possible. The second thing I took notice to right away was the size of the bag. It is big, but feels well thought out and planned in terms of where stuff goes. The biggest issue I've had with my other bags is that when I'm traveling and bringing tech gear with me, it is like nothing in those bags had any thought put into them except for a laptop sleeve. As an IT Admin, I carry around my laptop, an iFixit kit, hard drives and flash drives, and various pieces of equipment depending on the day/work that I'll be doing. With this backpack I have been able to easily keep track of where my stuff it and haven't had any issues finding stuff with the orange lining. The orange lining is also a great touch because everything stands out against it.
I was put off initially when I put my laptop in the bag as there does not appear to be any signs of padding for the laptop. Upon watching the ShortCircuit video I got a much further understanding on how it gets protected. I would recommend everyone give it a watch as it'll help explain all the features better.

The front pocket I really like. It has just the right amount of storage for the stuff I would store in there, which currently is my work ID, some allergy medication, and a screwdriver. Super easy to open up and find exactly what I'm looking for. Again, that orange lining is great.

The main pocket that holds the water bottle, and basically just anything else that doesn't need to sit in a pocket is great. It fit my 620mL Hidrate Spark bottle in there perfectly. I will say I am not a fan of the inside water bottle pocket though. I have always preferred to have mine on the outside while carrying one and traveling. Yes there is a carabiner you can hang most water bottles off of but when you jumping on public transit, a plane or something and you're putting your backpack down quickly it is not a great solution and will cause issues. What is nice around that water bottle pocket is the AirTag holder. I did a mini AMA on reddit and someone had asked me about it and I could not find the pocket until they put out the video on ShortCircuit. I think I would have liked to see maybe some velcro there to stop an AirTag from potentially falling out but I haven't had a chance to try putting one in that pocket and chucking the bag around and upside down to see if I could force it to dislodge. The zippers on the bag are awesome, and I enjoy the mini carabiners on them. They feel solid like pretty much the rest of the backpack and I believe they will be durable for a long time.

The foam on the back and shoulder straps feels great. Some of the best I have used for sure. Plenty of air and really comfortable.

Overall, I am impressed with the backpack. I enjoy that it is purely tech focused and designed by someone in tech. It is very evident and the layout of the backpack makes that very clear. As it stands right now though, I can only give it 4 stars as I do feel strongly against the price of it. It was $325 CAD before taxes. That is a lot of money for a backpack. If it last you over 10 years, then great, if it doesn't then I would have issues trying to justify this cost again. Judging by the build quality I do believe that it will last a significant amount of time but only time will tell and as for now, my main issue with the bag is the cost of it.

Funnily enough, as I am writing this, it feels like this backpack is the Apple version of all tech backpacks. Premium, high costs, and well built. All we need is Linus in a video, pretending to be Tim Cook and saying "This is the best backpack we've ever made"

Good Quality Bag

This is a temporary review to offset whatever in the world is happening in this review section...

I've only had the bag for about a week, but it's held up very well (one time as checked baggage with absolutely no noticeable damage) so far.

It's definitely not for everybody; the size and number of compartments makes it more of a travel / going out bag than a commuter or hiking bag, but that seems like that's a conscious decision to me.

I'm currently trying out daily driving the bag for my commute to see if will change my mind, and will report back when I've actually made a decision.

P.S. reviews are not a place to complain about shipping costs, and to me removing them makes all the sense in the world. They are *not* real reviews of the product.

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