Tech Scarf

80% Wool / 20% Acrylic
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$39.99 USD

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Keanan Holder
Great Scarf - Highly Recommend

Has a nice weight to it. Keeps me warm in the cold Australian winters. Star was taken away because it's a tad too short for my liking. Also it slightly itches my skin occasionally, neither of these issues are bad enough to be a deal breaker.

Damn good RAM - They're not kidding when they gush about quality

So, I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in rolling my eyes whenever Linus and co. talk up their merch as being so above and beyond the stuff that you see everywhere else, where everything is basically printed to order on cheap-ass crap like you see given away at every convention booth ever. But after actually setting my hands on this scarf... I believe them. I wasn't even sure what this was when it turned up on my doorstep, because this thing is HEAVY. Not in an overly-warm way, either, but just that this thing has some freaking heft to it. And, actually, even wearing it right now in this decidedly not-chilly weather, it's not even uncomfortably warm at all. I'm impressed. I just hope there's not secretly a bunch of lead dust weighing this thing down or something.

Victor Kropivnitskiy

Tech Scarf

Denver Kirsch
Loved the Ram Scarf

My wife loves scarfs and is a geek. I had to get the Ram scarf. It looks good in the picture but i was blown away how big and soft it is. She loves it. Super win in my book. Thanks guys

Mansur Syed
Love it

High quality scarf. Have been using it daily since i received it! Its very warm and wide, and does the job well.

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