Crewneck Sweater

$39.99 USD
This 100% cotton French terry sweater is designed to keep you warm on cold winter days. It features two stealth zippered pockets, and a small LTT logo on the left chest.

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Far surpassed my expectations

This was my first LTT purchase. I ordered sometime last year when they were restocked and received it in a week or so. I live in the US, but not terribly far from Vancouver. I'm a thicc boi weighing in at 300ish pounds, so a 3xl was in order. So many different clothing items in that size are hit or miss for me. I've bought 2xl Carhartt shirts that fit perfectly, 3xl Hanes shirts that fit well, 3xl hoodies that feel like a 1xl, and everything in between. When I tried on my crew neck sweater from LTT, I immediately felt.. confident; a feeling I hadn't felt with a piece of clothing in years. The material is a very soft yet durable feeling french terry cotton that became my absolute favorite clothing item for the winter. It's super warm. Like, super warm. I shoveled a foot of snow for 2 hours in 30°F weather and was sweating my rear off. I'm sure some of that had to do with how hard I was working, but still! It was too warm to wear to work at my cashier job in a bustling grocery store, but it will be great at my new software testing job! If I had any complaints, it would be that it doesn't come in a darker color (clumsy coffee drinker here) and that the pocket placement is questionable because of the zippers. The latter could be due in part to my rotund body. Maybe the thin folks have better luck! All in all, this sweater is the reason I purchased a desk pad and water bottle and plan to buy a few shirts real soon. Keep up the awesome work!

Owen LeJeune
No Regrets

I missed the first drop and had to check the site every few days for months but it was worth it! The sweater is super comfy, feels very high quality, and the stealth pockets are amazing for tucking away my phone and wallet without worrying about them falling out. Would definitely recommend!

Tanner Hendricks
Who reviews the reviewers?

Me, that's who. This crew neck is a thicc boi! By that I mean it's very warm and fells like it's worth the price. I say that as someone who usually buys cheaper hoodies from target, which usually have a strange uncomfortable texture on the inside after a few washes. That is not an issue with the LTT crew neck. The pockets are big enough for my One plus 8 but it is awkward to zip. Larger phones will probably not fit but there is a strap of fabric which connects the pockets on the inside of the sweater, which is nice touch. The pockets are never inside out after a wash and they just feel sturdier, if that makes any sense. This is the best crew neck I have owned. It also seems like it's going to last a lot longer than those I have owned in the past. I also own a few LTT shirts and cable ties. Linus and his team seem to hold themselves to the same standards that they do the products they review. Everything I have bought has met or exceeds my expectations. Hopefully, the fact that this is a verified review will help you trust me because it's been so positive that I'd probably assume it was fake if I was you reading it. So if I had to nitpick, I wish it came in a darker color because I'm a big coffee drinker and I can see myself staining it. Also Mt Dew and Doritos are a threat when I'm gaming, of course. I am regretting waiting until spring to buy it though, as it's already too hot where I live to wear it. I have resorted to setting the temp in my apartment uncomfortably low. Jokes aside, I can't wait to wait it more in the fall!

Very comfy

Fits me personally similar to Colton or David, and great for the cold winter months at home. But of course it's not the most flattering look to have a kangaroo pouch, which is why I like it just for when I'm at home :)

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