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LTT Backpack Discount

Thanks for your continued trust in lttstore and our Backpack. As a thanks for your understanding, enjoy $25 off your next order on us.

code: backpack discount

  • Receiving this discount code confirms your acceptance of the updated "Virtual Dual-layer" warranty terms and opts you out from the extended return window offer.
  • This code will only work for customers who have purchased a backpack before or on December 9th 2023.
  • All purchasers of an LTT Backpack are eligible for this credit, regardless of purchase method (, in-person launch event, LTX, Whales, etc.). If you experience any issues while applying the code, please let us know.
  • This code can be used once per customer. If you have previously ordered more than one backpack and would like more than a single discount, please contact support.
  • Your new order must be placed using the same email address as your original Backpack purchase.
  • This code can be combined with other offers and discounts.
  • This discount code must be used before March 15th 2024 at 11:59:59pm Pacific.

Carabiner address confirmation

As announced 2 weeks ago through our newsletter and on the WAN Show, we are expecting to receive a significant number of finished carabiner replacement kits in the coming weeks. ALL owners of LTT Backpacks will receive a replacement kit in the coming months, but we want to ensure that we are prioritizing those with broken carabiners first.
Please fill out this form to confirm your shipping information, and if you have any broken carabiners on your bag, please include a picture of the impacted part.