CPU Pillow (Team Red)

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Exterior fabric:  Boa soft-touch suede textured polyester
Interior fill:        40% Alpaca Wool // 60% Polyester

$99.99 USD

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Tim Pedersen
Great couch pillow for a nerd cave

Sleeping with it full time may not be the best but it for sure fits the role of a for a quick power nap pillow after a sweaty gaming session! Would definitely buy again!

Kyle Dailey

Its comfy, soft and has a pocket

Andrew Witherow
Awesome Little Pillow

Accidentally ordered the team red pillow, but still really happy with the quality of it! It's soft and very well made, and the stuffing is really well packed in. I only got the desk pillow as more of a decorative piece, so I don't really use it much, but I'm surprised with the amount of quality put into even the tiny pillows. I need to get the team blue pillow at some point so I can have a CPU pillow from each side! 10/10 will buy a pillow again.

Matthew Branham

Soft materials, quality stitching and a very fluffy fill. The little zipper pocket is an awesome hide hole as well

Dat pillow iz Nice :-)

So, First of all I do like this pillow.
I have it for a few weeks now, and when it came it was more firm now it's little more soft but still quite firm in it "squareness", yes it holds it's square (cube?) design quite nice.

the fabric is pleasant to touch, and the gone in the middle of the pins fits my ear.
The filling is quite firm, which is nice.
The overall size is a little smaller than what I'm used to , so it's more on the small size (well it is 30x30)
Colors are nice.
No smell at all / neutral smell (when got it from hermetic pack it had some "new textile smell" like all new garments but it passed)
Seams are invisible

Overall quality is superb and the price is accordingly not cheap.

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