CPU Pillow

Average throw pillows suck. They're super boring, and usually not that comfy.

That's why we made the LTT CPU Pillow. Constructed of & filled with high quality materials, this pillow is the perfect way to add an interesting techie display to your desk or your couch in two sizes.


PICK Size:

Couch size: 50cm x 50cm
Desk size:   15cm x 15cm


Exterior fabric:  Boa soft-touch suede textured polyester
Interior fill:        40% Alpaca Wool // 60% Polyester

$69.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 396 reviews
Overall great product but a minor annoyance.

Let me start off by saying that the quality of the fabric and stuffing is superb. I bought the desk sized version and use it as a display piece and a place to hide money. >: ) This would have been a five-star product if it weren't for the stitching that covers part of the zipper track. It's pretty bad, so I can only zip it halfway. I can probably fix it with a needle, but it still is an annoyance. Other than that, though, it is a great product.

Diego Navez
Pleasantly Surprised

I ended up pulling the trigger on this despite holding back because of the price and I'm so happy I got this size of pillow, it's slightly larger than what I think of as a "standard" pillow size but the softness of the pillow is really understated and the way the colors stand out but aren't obnoxious really helps it as a decoration piece. I keep being astounded by the quality of the merch on the store that really sets a high bar.

Štěpán Mácha
Best thing ever

I had to order couple more of them … :'(


CPU Pillow

Bram Vandewalle
Great pillow

It's a good feeling, thick boy pillow. Maybe introduce a matching motherboard blanket cover now with RAM pillow modules?

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