Expensive Edition CPU Pillow

The Ultimate in comfort, our Expensive Edition CPU Pillow is filled with 100% Alpaca wool, sparing no expense for that comfort factor.

 Please note that due to the 100% Alpaca wool fill, there may be a bit of an odor to this pillow, especially when you first take it out of the box. If this is significant, we recommend leaving it in a spot where it will get significant direct sunlight in the first few days.

SIZE GUIDE Couch Size 50 x 50 cm
Exterior fabric: Boa soft-touch suede textured polyester Interior fill: 100% Alpaca Wool
$169.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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I was originally kinda worried about the smell, but when I got it, I got hit with a kind of nostalgia from the smell. Turns out the pillows I used to have when I was a kid were all alpaca wool, too. So the smell doesn't even bother me.
I heard people complain about the filling being somewhat flat, after some use and some fluffing it feels much better. IMO the fill is just the right amount, perfectly squishy.
The texture of the casing is very nice, although it does take a few days for the creases from shipping to disappear.
Overall perfectly happy with my purchase.

Josiah T
I Regret Nothing

Yes it smells, if I put my nose in it. i asked some friends, yes even friends that are girls, if they smell anything bad or strange and nobody has complained about the smell. The pillow is a great decor piece for my Futon. I will say that I REALLY wish the small pouch was bigger for say a tablet or Steamdeck but aside from that I love this pillow.

Really good

Bought it together with the M size Couchripper. The expensive one is really comfortable to sleep on. It does smell a bit funky, I wonder if there is a way to get that new electronics smell instead. Now have to wait for a bolster type RAM pillow for maximum comfort.

Socket not specified

This listing doesn’t tell me what socket this cpu is for!! Other than that, it is the best pillow in my house!

Having trouble finding a heat sink to fit this monstrosity ;)

Alway quality products, mine did have the smell, but like the instructions directed, I left it in a sunny spot and after like a week the smell was gone. Can't wait to overclock it!

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