Keyboard T-shirt

$19.99 USD

Small - XX-Large printed on American Apparel 50/50 polyblend t-shirts

XXX-Large printed on AlStyle 100% cotton t-shirts

Chest (inches) 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 48-50 54-56
Waist (inches) 30-32 32-33  33-34 36-38 40-42

Color: Black

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A good conversation starter.

I love this shirt, I wear it to work on our casual work wear days and it always prompts conversations with people not just in our IT Department but in other teams.
When Linus mentioned this wasn't a well selling shirt I was surprised, I'm not a keyboard snob however, I like that it is subtle so I just bought another one.

It has prompted both funny and thoughtful conversations.

Example 1: Very C-Suite Non-IT Leader - Funny Conversation
This senior leader notices my shirt while in our IT area and tells a story of a game they'd play as a kid typing on each others chests and pretends to start typing on my chest (without actually touching me) and I without thinking blurt out please don't play with my T*ts....
They (the leader) then proceed to burst into laughter as I realise I (Male) just told a Senior Leader (Female) not to play with my T*ts..... The entire team paused then realised she had a great sense of humor and began to laugh as I stood there ready to clean up my desk.....

Example 2: In an IT Meeting
My shirt was raised as a example of a Spear Phishing attack as people are going to type things they know on a keyboard as a tongue in cheek laugh....

Delano Böhm
I've bought all the shirts

First I bought 2 shirts. Then I bought a few more. Then I bought all they had available, and some I already had again. Why you ask? Because they're so damn comfortable. I can't buy AA 50/50 shirts where I live easily, or if I try, I'll pay more than at LTT. So I just buy all the LTT shirts. The prints are good quality as well. I like the GPU one the best, because it has the best flow from print to shirt (most of the others have more clear lines where the print ends). But this keyboard one is also very nice, it's just a bit more squared (which it has to be, it's a keyboard).
Anyway, I'm slowly changing to only wearing all LTT shirts. I just wish I could get some colors, but I heard they're coming, I hope the new brand are just as good as these are.

Georgi Boev
a head turner

I got the RGB version of this bad boy... and I get compliments every time I leave the house....not that I care.... but I don't get that for anything else I own so.....props!


Thought I was just supporting LTT, but, man the shirts are super comfortable, I think I want more.

Very great shirt

Holds up very well I wear it every Friday. Bought the hologram one on the day it was announced on Wan show and am very glad I did. I work retail and whenever I wear it at work not a time goes by I don't get a compliment guess it kind of helps that I work in the games industry. Keep up the amazing quality and fantastic designs.

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