Linus Tech Tips Insulated Water Bottle - 21oz (620ml)

$29.99 USD

Show off your inner techie in style with the LTT vacuum-insulated water bottle.

Linus Tech Tips vacuum insulated water bottles are intended to keep hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours, and cold drinks cold for up to 16 hours.

Holds 21 fluid ounces

Important safety notes:

This product is NOT dishwasher safe
Do not place in the microwave
Do not place or store in the freezer
This product is not designed for the long-term storage of liquids

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Качественный термос

Отлично сохраняет тепло или холод внутри. Качественно сделан - я долго носил этот термос в рюкзаке с ключами и отвертками - нигде краска не поцарапалась до металла. Удобный размер - отлично помещается в подстаканник Мазды. Но в вазовские не залезет, там узкие. Из минусов можно выделить только то, что нужно со всей силы затягивать пробку, чтобы содержимое не выливалось. И довольно тугая резинка, которая не позволяет потерять крышку, довольно неудобная - нужно использовать технику Линуса - когда двумя пальцами держишь крышку. С другой стороны, это удобно - не думаешь, куда деть пробку, пока пьешь. Дизайн радует любого компьютерного гика. Всем сердцем рекомендую!

Amazing insulation

Living in a hot country, summer. Got some cold water in the LTT water bottle, left in the car for a few hours, under the sun. Get back, the bottle is quite hot to the touch. Water is ice cold!

Have some minor complain with the lid, when it's closed and the bottle is on the side, it may drip. Also the ring holding the lid is a bit large and i can;t fit the bottle on my back-pack side pocket.

overall, extremely happy with the product

Noah Saylor
I literally use this everyday

I bought this water bottle for myself some time ago because I wanted a smaller insulated one that would keep my drinks cold while I'm at work. I am happy to report that it has done that job so much better than I ever would've expected!

Totally worth the money and is probably one of the best water bottles that I own. It did give my water a weird taste for awhile, but after using and washing it so often that has pretty much disappeared.

Timothy A Bunce
Bought this for myself

The Box it came in seems to be very dbrand inspired. Really nice for a gift.

Orange LTT is a great conversation starter with friends and colleagues.

Great value for quality. The lid is my only complaint but that's nik picking. I owned many water bottles and this would be a mid tier and great looking.

Very easy to clean.

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