Sad Linus Desk Pad

$24.99 USD

Look at him. He's so sad. Only you can make him happy... by buying a Sad Linus Desk Pad :)

Size:           900mm x 500mm / 35.43" x 19.69"
Surface:      Soft Smooth Micro-texture Cloth
Base:          3.5mm Non-slip eco-friendly natural rubber base
Edge:          Anti-fray stitching

Customer Reviews

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Giovanni Sasselli
most worthwhile purchase of my life

I walked outside to let the dogs out and there it was, the rectangular prism that would inevitably contain the face of a man in anguish as I drag my mouse continuously over his lips at lightning speeds due to its silky slick finish and good craftsmanship I am now a grandmaster in over watch apex predator and global elite all due due to the sad face under my arm giving me the power of a god. good product worth the sheckles

Changed my life

When the package came through my door, I had I felt something come over me. It was God, he was forgiving me for my sins. He came down to personally thank me for buying this. I then won the lottery on a ticket I didn't even buy, and bought the btc dip. My inbox was flooded with requests to date me, as no one could resist the power of the mouse pad. I played one game of apex, and got kicked for aimbotting since it made my aim so good. I'm now competing on apex tournaments as a solo squad, I'm that good with this mouse pad. And don't buy the northern lights one, it's a fraction of the power of this one, and I own both.

Zi Han Xu
The best decision I've ever made

I bought this mousepad and when I received it, it immediately made me play games at a superior level. The presence of the sad Linus boosted my aim to a level never previously acheived. I have since become Global Elite on CS:GO. The sheer amount of power and energy that this mousepad provided me is overwelming, allowing me to interact with 17 new dimensions. The box now sits on a specially crafted shelf, enchancing my home with an aura protecting my most prized possession; the RTX 3080.

Henry Weiss

I love it, just feel bad for the ups person who needed to look at this box

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