Sad Linus Desk Pad

Look at him. He's so sad. Only you can make him happy... by buying a Sad Linus Desk Pad :)

Size:           900mm x 500mm / 35.43" x 19.69"
Surface:      Soft Smooth Micro-texture Cloth
Base:          3.5mm Non-slip eco-friendly natural rubber base
Edge:          Anti-fray stitching
$24.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Saved my happiness

I’ve been stuck in iron 1 in Valorant for the past year. After buying this mouse pad, I’m now radiant top 5. Thank you Linus.

jonsiri harnmuanphongs
Sad Linus is Best Desk Pad

Obviously, the build quality is the best you can buy. It's a perfect fit for my rack cabinet that I built. The cabinet has a nice big surface; Sad Linus Desk Pad increases the utility and is so relatable. I also relate to topic changes with appropriate segues.

I'll be buying a few more for the other stations around my house, and one for my Twinzie, Male Supermodel, JEFFERY WAUGH.

Noah Burfield
Changed my life

Literally changed my life, I'm a better person because of it

Paul Holbeck
Life Changing.

i made the iphone. im writing this in the afterlife. sad linus made my life better. it enlighted my life by 10 milliseconds. my whole sucess of apple has been amazin because of this photo to 3.5 doors and a middle aged man.

Ethan R
NGL this is pretty sus, but i like it 😏

Such a beautiful mouse pad, the elegant face of sad Linus helps me get through my workday, I think the best part of the experience is the box design, the stretched-out face on the box is so immaculate and exquisite, Truly a man of culture.

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