Stealth Hoodie Pro

We've improved the classic LTT hoodie in every way possible

It features a super comfortable sleek-backed "tech" fleece - aka 2 layers of fleece with a small air pocket between them, meaning it provides quite a bit of warmth for how lightweight it is.
We added supportive bartacks on the corners of the front kanga pocket, an elevated Linus Tech Tips wordmark on the right arm, and an elevated LTT logo on the left kanga pocket.
We maintained the phone pocket on the right side, added accent taping to showcase the black and grey front contrast, and shortened the hood drawcords for easier use.

And of course, it still features a YKK zipper.
If you're a fan of the classic stealth hoodie look, this is the upgrade you've been waiting for!
PICK Size:








CHEST (in)







HIP (in)







Fabric: 75% Polyester, 25% Rayon. 290GSM
$69.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stealth Hoodie, but better

Bought Large, 165lbs @ 6'1

I've owned the original Stealth Hoodie for a few years now and I've only had one gripe, I couldn't get the sleeves to fit over my forearms. Minor inconvenience considering a hoodie is for cold weather, but I like to roll up my sleeves to do dishes or work in the shop, and I couldn't with the original.

But with the Stealth Hoodie Pro, the sleeves roll up no problem. The hood drawstrings are capped so they can't disappear into the hoodie. The cellphone pocket doesn't feel like it should hold my Galaxy S22+ with a DBrand Grip case on it, but somehow it does! The inside feels smooth and silky as well, giving it a premium feel that even my most expensive G-Star Raw hoodie can't emulate.

In other words, very impressive. Premium product sold for a very reasonable (basically discounted) price.

Was expecting a bit more quality control from a 70 USD hoodie

I'd been wanting to get a Stealth Hoodie since the moment the original one was out of stock, so naturally, as soon as the Stealth Hoodie Pro was announced, I purchased one right away, along with some other goodies I'd been eyeing.

It looks great and I absolutely love the colors. I can mix it with pretty much every t-shirt I own! The fabric is very soft, comfortable to wear, and decently warm. The pockets are good enough, and my cellphone (Galaxy Note 9 with a bulky case) fits snugly into the "hidden" pocket without stretching it too much. Rolling up the sleeves is also not a problem and doesn't feel tight. However, upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was quite challenging to get the zipper up, as it came kind of misaligned. I also saw at least 4 loose threads on it.

These issues don't sit quite right with me, as I've bought 15 USD hoodies from Walmart and Amazon, and these had no such problems.

Will continue to wear it, and if I start noticing that the zipper issue gets progressively worse, and see more loose threads, I'll try to contact support to see what can be done.

What I hoped for

I just got mine today and although I would usually wait a while to review a product I just had to write this now. I had been using the original stealth hoodie for a couple years and grew attached to it. In my review of the original I had stated that I was actually disappointed when I had first received it due to the inner part of the fabric being kind of rough. After a couple days I had gotten used to it and I came to love it. This new version is exactly what I had expected of the first and I just absolutely love it. The zipper on the pro is also nicer. An added part about the whole thing that just makes this product better is the hood. More specifically the part that pulls it closed. Although I rarely wear hoods I still find this very important. In every single hoodie I've owned the string always came out and would be a pain to restring. This new design has a closed loop with those plastic things that pinches onto it until pressed. Now the string won't be a problem anymore. Apart from these extra improvements it's still the hoodie we know and love and it doesn't need to be more than that.

Micah Hett
Super Premium Sweatshirt

Love my Stealth Hoodie Pro. I got mine early due to an overselling on that 50% thingy that happened a while back. It's such an awesome upgrade over the original Stealth Hoodie and definitely worth the $70. Same quality I feel as the Swacket and the little rubber or whatever materials feel really nice. I love the texture of it and the pockets are nice. love how the inside is the same texture as the outside. Since I've gotten my swacket I've always noticed that inconsistency in clothing. It just feels so much more premium this way with the double-layered "Tech-fleece?" I guess it's called XD would definitely buy again.

Brief note for American dudes!

The zipper "starts" on the left hand side of the hoodie. This is normal for European (and Canadian?) garments and those made for women in the US, but us American dudes may be used to a zipper that starts on the right. Not a big deal, but something to consider.

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