Tech Scarf

$39.99 USD
80% Wool / 20% Acrylic
Design & Color:

Customer Reviews

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James Maaske
Warm and huge!

Best scarf ever, and great nerdy design! I got the M.2 one for my wife, and she loves it. Very useful for the Sconnie winters, and fashionable as well! All of the products from LTT are so very well thought out & developed. If only all products were developed this way, there'd be a lot less trash in the landfills.

Timothy Rudkin
Never wore a scarf before

Never been a scarf guy. This has changed my mind it looks good, keeps me warm, amazing high-quality material, amazing product.

Clay Hudson
Love The Texture

Not only super soft, and warm, but also very low itch! The wool is not a problem for my wife, and though I am usually more sensitive to it, it’s very mild for me.
The size of the scarf is chungus huge, and really keeps ya warm. Print quality looks great too. 10/10

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