Tote bag

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Body: 12oz 100% polyester canvas with panel fixed printing Handle: 12oz 100% polyester canvas
$19.99 USD

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Abhijit C.
Good looking, but not engineered to purpose

Feels excellent, and colors look good. However, I have two major complaints: (1) the strap length (2) the stiffness of the sides.

(1): There are two ways I 'wear' a tote bag. Either around the shoulder, or held in hand at my side. I have two different tote bags which either have a long strap so that it fits around my shoulder or have a short one so that when I hold it by my side, it doesn't scrape the ground. However, the strap for the LTT bag is simultaneously too long to not scrape the ground, but too short to fit around my shoulder. This ends up making the tote bag hard to use at all. I'm 5'11" and have fairly large shoulders, if that helps your post QA any.

(2): The sides of the bag aren't stiff. This means that the bag, if stood upright, doesn't hold its shape. So for example, when I'm taking this for groceries, when I sit it down to begin putting groceries in it I have to continuously stand it up again as it folds in on itself. This isn't dealbreaking as (1), but definitely annoying.

Ultimately, as I paid for this one, whereas the others I'm comparing it to were like $1-2 throwaways, I feel like these should have been correct.

Daniel K.
Good materials, weak sewing.

Originally, the bags satisfying aesthetic and sturdy feeling materials gave me the impression of a high quality product. After a longer period of use the bag developed two holes at the bottom which often resulted in smaller items vanishing in to the paved abyss. As such, I can't recommend this bag to anyone who plans on using it more consistently. For my use, it simply contained a small meal deal and occasionally a loaf of bread. It seems the bag's threads were defeated by a can of Coke.
On the plus side, it washes rather easily when softly hand-washed.

Timi Sahrio
Your average, but beautiful, Tote Bag.

Before writing this review I have a question:
WHY THE HELL IS THIS PRODUCT BASICALLY UNKNOWN OF? THE FIRST TIME I WAS INFORMED ABOUT TOTE BAGS WAS ON THE WEBSITE BROWSING THROUGH THE CATEGORIES???? Please, make more sneaky LTT video references about these. I mean, this product makes more sense than the banana for scale, which does get a lot of ads.

- Beautiful design.
- Great quality.

- No easy way to fold the bag into itself. You‘d think that the small poach inside the bag is meant for it, but it is incredibly hard to put it inside. It is possible, but I wonder if that will be good for its reliability.

Would buy again, I would not get another Tote Bag other than these ones. Why? Every other looks ass. This ones beautiful. It is hard to distinguish yourself in this category, and LMG nailed it. Expected great quality and beautiful design. Good work!

Mickaël Celdran
Great bags, not easy to fold

I bought both sizes in grey and I'm really surprised by the quality. I didn't even realize they had an internal pocket. I'm pretty sure they'll last a lifetime but my only gripe is that since they're really thick, they're not that easy to fold neatly. I carry the small one in my daily carry messenger bag, but I kinda wish it was a bit smaller.
The handle size are perfect for me, I'm 1.8m so they're not hitting the curb, but I can see them being a problem for smaller people, but I think this is kind of a common thing for tote bags anyway.

Chris Martell

Great quality bag!

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