Underwear 3-pack

$49.99 USD

47.5% Modal / 47.5% Cotton / 5% Elastane


We have two different 3-packs available:

1 Black w/ Orange print

1 Black w/ Blue print

1 Blue w/ Grey print




1 Black 

1 Black w/ Purple print

1 Aqua w/ White print


Waist size (inches)

S 27-29"
M 30-32"
L 33-35"
XL 36-38"
2XL 39-41"
3XL 42-46"
Color: Orange Blue Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David Duke
Very no

These underpants made my balls browner than usual. Came with shit stains. The Chinese sweatshop worker must be getting annoyed.

Admittedly a bit odd

It's admittedly unusual that the first YouTuber merch I've ever purchased is super sexy underwear, but I couldn't be happier about it. I've been on the hunt for the ultimate underwear for basically years at this point; bouncing from brand to brand, country to country, size to size. But the LTT underwear is the end all be all for me. Yes, it's expensive for underwear. However, it's actually cheaper than a lot of the name-brand undergarments (i.e. Tommy John, Mack weldon, etc.). It's also backed by the Linus 'it was made at a factory with acceptable working conditions' promise. I have been trying to exclusively buy clothes that are ethically produced/sourced recently, so that is another reason I'm happy with my purchase. I have both patterns and both look good but I prefer the new green/purple. My girlfriend, however, does not like my purple underwear. Super breathable and durable so far.
Note to other American buyers, the sizing guide is accurate. I had trouble believing that I'm a medium, but I am. I'm a 30 waist and the smalls are just a tad too small.
Two critiques:
The packaging seems a bit excessive. The plastic bag is lovely but unnecessary waste.
I've only had them for less than 2 months but the printed text on the inside of the shorts (like where the size is) has worn completely off on all 3 pair.

Tina Smouter
It's what all the cool kids wear!!

My son owns all thing LTT Tech...so why not the underwear too! Moms Perspective: Actually very good quality, nice fabric, wash well. Teens perspective: Do what underwear are supposed to do, only better, are comfy and a good way to confuse friends by talking about underwear and tech in the same conversation.

Johnny Sins
Very nice.

Very good, I can confirm.

Stop!!! Buy these RIGHT NOW!!! If you need an explanation, read the full review.

Oh hey there. Glad to see someone so inquisitive about a pack of underwear. Since you are here, let me get down to it. These are, By Far, the best undergarments to have ever graced my unmentionables. I consider myself to be a sort of off-the-shelf boxer brief expert and I've done rigorous testing on a plethora of briefs in many different temperatures, and weather conditions, and quite a few different scenarios as well. No they probably won't save your failing marriage or help you ace that big test, but if they can handle my crazy work load, they will most likely be able to survive ANYTHING you could possibly throw at them. As for the environments these things have been exposed to, lets start with crawling on the ground in -10°f(-23°c) with my nether-regions staying close and temperate the entire time. And YES! Of course I had other clothes over top of them, but even so, they stood their ground after working up a sweat and then chilling back to sub zero temperatures. At the opposite end of the spectrum, working in heat stroke inducing weather(108°f(42°c)), they are far more breathable than they first appear and wick away moisture better than any other brand I've tested. Even the branded "moisture wicking" underwear makes a laughable attempt at doing so when placed next to some LTT leasurewear. I am continually surprised by the ways in which they hold up to the rigors of my daily wear. On days wear I need them to constantly move with me while climbing over and under equipment, in a knees-to-chest sort of movement, they never ride up like the others do. Competitors don't take long before they act more like a thong or speedo rather than a boxer brief. Even after a long and arduous, sweat filled day in the heat, these underpants never truly stretch out like others do. They hold their original shape and hug the skin almost as they did when I first put them on. Let's now pivot to a more relatable experience, shall we? Sitting. We all do it, though the place I sit most often may not be the the most common. The Caterpillar 980M is relatively large piece of equipment that I may have to operate at full tilt for 12 hours straight. No I am not exaggerating. The only break is one to top off the fuel tank so you can keep operating. As you can imagine, this can put an inordinate amount of abuse on parts of you body that don't often see these movements for extended periods of time, which was the original reason for wanting to try these in the first place. Even underwear in an equivalent price bracket would give some real raw spots and ride up so far, that I would have to stop what I was doing to unravel my atomic wedgie. I'd have to say, the only annoyance I've had with these is the elastic band doing this strange North to South accordion fold right under the belly line. Someone who is sitting-with-abs fit probably won't be able to relate to this as I am comfortably in "dad bod". But maybe somebody who is comfortably in "plus size" can chime in. Another annoying tid-bit would be the time I most recently tried to look and see the size of my underwear, as to go to LTTstore.com to order more, but to my surprise, the size was worn away! Both of these gripes most likely could have been avoided, had I just washed them exactly how I was told to on the package they were shipped to me in. However I have a hard, dirty, exhausting work day and I don't want to spend time on multiple washes with different settings, so I throw everything in at once on a "heavy soil" setting and call it good. Even though they haven't been washed "correctly" once, they are still, by far, the best thing I have put on the lower half of my body yet.

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