The ABC's of Gaming - Board Book

The ABC's of Gaming is Linus Media Group's first fully custom illustrated board book, and aims to provide a fun tech-themed ABC journey for both kids and adults.

It's perfect to read aloud to kids ages 6m-3yr who are learning the alphabet, but the fun rhymes and bright illustrations can be enjoyed by older kids as well.

$14.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Michael George Lee
Good Fun

Love it, got it in my book shelf and was fun to try guess each letter with my girlfriend while going through it. High quality book and great art. Amazing Job Sarah =)

Jamie Shultz
A Wonderfully nerdy take on the ABC's

I bought one for each of my children's oldest child for Christmas and they all loved it. The illustrations, materials and content are all top notch. Great book for all us nerds!

Sir. Steven Snoogles Esq. III
Not The Right Book?!?!

I ordered THE ABC'S OF GAMING - BOARD BOOK with 88 positive reviews on for my 4-year-old daughter. It came within a reasonable amount of time. It arrived in nice packaging and my daughter and I opened it up. We were VERY surprised to find that we did NOT receive the ABCs of gaming, but rather LINUS SEX TIPS, a VULGAR, JUVENILE, and INDECENT "book" about this guy named Linus Sebastion and his "only fans." DO NOT buy this "book" unless you want your child TRAUMATIZED by Linus and his "sex tips." 1/5 stars.

...the based gamer jokes were nice. luv wu linwus uwu. ;)1 Come to BRASIL wit me.

also let us sponsor you in ur next vid.

- much love, HP Alienware.

Jonas Kristensen
Much better than expected

I didn't have very high expectations, when I ordered the book. I expected something geeky and made for grownups. The book that I got was amazing, very well writen a, wholesome and very much made for kids. The only negative part is that is that it is only 26 pages.

Friend loved it!

Bought this for a friend. His kid loves it & he loves the gamer jokes, too!

Would buy again for other friends :>

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