The ABC's of Gaming - Board Book

The ABC's of Gaming is Linus Media Group's first fully custom illustrated board book, and aims to provide a fun tech-themed ABC journey for both kids and adults.

It's perfect to read aloud to kids ages 6m-3yr who are learning the alphabet, but the fun rhymes and bright illustrations can be enjoyed by older kids as well.


Copyright © 2020 Linus Media Group
Written by Linus Sebastian
Illustrated by Sarah Butt
All rights reserved
Printed in China
$14.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Aubrey Spencer
ABCs of Gaming

Such a cute book. I read it to my one year old before bed and he is always pointing at all of the pictures and claps when we move to the next page. The final lines ending the book are beautiful, I won’t lie it made me tear up.

Thomas Neil

The ABC's of Gaming - Board Book

Daire R.
Great Job!

Bought this a while back for my (now) 6 month old. This is mainly from my perspective because we have a lot of growing to do with it.

Love the idea and execution behind this book. Special shoutout to the "O" page. No spoilers, but it's an important lesson for kids, really glad to see it included. The quality of the book itself is top tier compared to the wide selection we've somehow accumulated as new parents.

Wouldn't have thought to add my story to the other amazing reviews for this book were it not for what Linus said on the screwdriver stream about how much they mean to the team. Keep up the great work!

Sam Bevilacqua
Literal tears, every time

Does my 2.5-year-old understand this book?
Not yet.

Do I have to hold back literal tears every time I read:
"Okay, Little Gamer, it's getting late,
so settle down and save your state.
It's not GAME OVER, just reset.
Tomorrow's your greatest adventure yet."?


*deep inhale*

10/10 would cry again.

All humor aside, this book is an obvious labor of love. I can't say enough good things about it. I bought it just after my first son was born and have read it to him ever since. He doesn't fully understand the book's contents yet, but I look forward to introducing him for years. I will cherish this book for as long as the binding holds together. Thank you, Sarah and Linus, for giving me a wonderful experience to share with my children.
I look forward to whatever comes next.

Cody Gaeth
My friends love this book

I got if for my friends kids birthday they love the book. I think the adults liked it more than the kid. Just a cute book for friends or birthdays!

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