LTT Lanyard

Constructed from a heavy-duty nylon weave, featuring a box-stitch link and a medium-pressure metal clasp, our LTT lanyards are built to last.

They also look kewl.


PICK Color:


Length: 390mm

Width: 25mm

$9.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Cosner
Love it

Had my WAN-yard for a while now and love it. Build quality is fantastic. The fabric is different than any other lanyard I've ever used and it clearly will hold up even longer than my already (still in tact) 5 year old TWLOHA lanyard.

Rachel Mixikins
Very Well Constructed

Honestly I wasn't expecting much from a simple lanyard, but this one surprised me. The material is sturdy, nearly as thick as a seat belt. I feel confident that this will be the lanyard I carry around for the next several years. Linus is publicly very picky about his suppliers, and this item was no exception to that.

Micah Hett
Strong, Durable, and colorful

I love my LTT Lanyard. In fact, I have two now. Both my Silver and Red lanyards have held up very nice since they've shown up. The red is so vibrant and the silver is shiny on the lettering. The silver one has gotten dirty over time and I have not tried to wash it yet. I'm not sure if it's washable. My only complaint I have about them is that the black finish on the clip has begun to chip, revealing a silver-colored metal underneath. I believe this could be the same issue they have with the LTT Screwdriver? Having an option for a more long lasting color or just have a bare metal could be nice. Overall though, it's my favorite lanyard and I'd buy another one in a heartbeat if given an excuse for it.

Brandon Urbano
Best quality lanyard ever

What the title says. I haven’t had many uses for it but I still love it and it’s durable


Durable lanyard. Was a bit stiff for a bit, but it's comfortable and useful now.

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