LTT Lanyard

$9.99 USD

Constructed from a heavy-duty nylon weave, featuring a box-stitch link and a medium-pressure metal clasp, our LTT lanyards are built to last.

They also look kewl.


Length: 390mm

Width: 25mm

Color: White

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Abraham Hatch
Nice quality, best lanyard I have

Compared to the other lanyard this is top notch

Jordan Smith
Fantastic quality as usual

I have never been sold a bad product from LMG. Fantastic quality, great art, awesome people. Keep the good stuff coming.

Bill Wales
Very impressed

I've finally retired my Maker Fair Lanyard, my only complaint is it's a little short. about 5cm short sot it's not really a lanyard more of a Lan"Almost"Yard but it more than makes up for that by how strong it is.

No more clips breaking and dumping my keys everywhere!!!

David Bilia
Great lanyards

I'm the guy who got one of each color I've had the of black and orange for probably a year or 2 they are great they don't fade in the wash and haven't frayed and the new ones look great the only thing is I wish they made these with the breakaway back clip as these sty lanyards are banned for my schools engineering labs even if they are just in our pockets

Martha Velazquez
Well Made

You gotta go with orange.

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