Wave 1 (15,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by October 20 (SOLD OUT) (ORDER #357493-371611)

Wave 2 (15,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by October 30 (SOLD OUT) (ORDER #371612-386085)

Wave 3 (15,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by November 10 (SOLD OUT) (ORDER #386086-401034)

Wave 4 (15,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by November 20 (SOLD OUT) (ORDER #401035-416300)

Wave 5 (15,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by November 30 (SOLD OUT) (ORDER #416301-433210)

Wave 6   (15,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by December 10 (SOLD OUT) (ORDER #433213-450000)

Wave 7     (7,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by December 20

Wave 8   (15,000 pieces) - Ships from our Warehouse by January 20

Wave 9   (15,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by February 10

Wave 10 (15,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by February 28

Wave 11   (5,000 pieces) - Ships from our warehouse by March 20

Units with the black shaft may delay beyond these dates as those are limited run & built to order. (Please note that the coating on the black shaft is subject to wear over time. To see this in action, please check out the LTT video

At long last, our ratcheting multi-bit screwdriver has arrived.

This is the complete vision of a screwdriver designed for Linus and the whole LTT team. It features a knurled stainless steel shaft with a strong magnet inside, internal storage for 12 "shorty" 20mm bits (or 6 full-sized bits), an in-house designed three-lobe handle for comfort and ergonomics, and a tastefully-embossed LTT logo on the end cap.

The ratchet is based on Megapro's long-standing & reliable design, but has been significantly modified to suit our needs. We reversed the ratchet direction (right for clockwise, left for anti-clockwise), adjusted the spring for lighter back-force which allows you to ratchet-drive even very small screws, and optimized for smoothness and quiet function. It's rated for operation of up to 220 inch-pounds of force.

Our bit storage is another collaboration with Megapro. We utilized their patented bit clip storage design, but adjusted the length of the clips & the size of the total cavity to allow for our smaller, more ergonomic handle.

All external plastics are Triax 1120 - a Nylon and ABS polymer which is great for injection molding parts like ours - for its overall durability and chemical resistance. The only exception is the black "accent ring" on the all black versions, which are made from machined Delrin, and the orange "accent ring" on the black & orange version, which are made from injection molded ABS. 

Internal plastics in our ratchet are also made from Delrin for its self-lubricating properties, and our ratchet housing is made from Zinc.

Our industrial-looking black phosphate-coated S2 steel bits are durable and rust resistant.

Standard bit set included with the screwdriver: PH0, PH1, PH2, H2, H2.5, H4, SL1, SL4, SL6, SQ1, SQ2, and our 6x6 Magnet bit (affectionately named "The Screw Retriever")

Other bit sets are available for purchase at

Using patents from Megapro Tools Inc.: 5,265,504 & 7,258,046

Orders including a screwdriver and other items will ship together (eg. if you order a screwdriver, a t-shirt, and a water bottle, all of those items will ship once the screwdriver is ready). The only exception to this is the Backpack, which will ship separately once it is available.

PICK Handle Color:
PICK Shaft Color:

LTT Screwdriver Limited Lifetime Warranty

The LTT Screwdriver is covered by a limited lifetime warranty against breakage due to defects in materials or workmanship for the usual and customary life of the tool.

The limited lifetime warranty does not cover:

  • Bits, as they are considered a consumable item;
  • Tools which have been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or improper storage;
  • Tools which have been used improperly e.g. using the screwdriver as a pry bar or hammer;
  • Tools which have been altered in any way;
  • Normal wear and tear (including the breakdown of materials over time);
  • Cosmetic damage (including scratches or changes in the finish of the plastic handle);
  • Products purchased from unauthorized dealers

To complete your warranty claim you must send your product to the address provided by our customer service team. Creator Warehouse, Inc. reserves the right to inspect your product to determine if it is subject to this warranty. If we determine that your product is covered by this warranty, we will (at our discretion): (1) repair the product at no charge for labour or parts, (2) replace the product with the same model product, (3) replace the product with a comparable product should your product be discontinued or otherwise unavailable, or (4) provide you with a voucher to be used toward the purchase of other products on

In order to make a warranty claim, you must be the original purchaser of the LTT Screwdriver from or provide a copy of the original proof of purchase.



Total length (bit clip closed): 213.1mm (8.4")

Total length (bit clip open): 260.0mm (10.2")

Widest point (handle): 35.0mm (1.4")

Shaft length: 82.2mm (3.2")

Weight: 0.34lbs


Handle, selector, end cap, shoulder ring, bit tube: Triax 1120

Bit clips, slotted spacer, clip retaining pin, ratchet kicker, ratchet transfer cup, black accent ring: Delrin 500

Ratchet retaining clip, ratchet shaft collar: Acetal

Orange accent ring: ABS

Cast ratchet housing: Zinc (ZAMAK 3)

Silver rotating shaft: Passivated 303 stainless steel

Bit clip spline shaft: 12L14 steel

Ratchet gear: S2 steel (HRC60 +/- 2)

Ratchet springs: Spring steel 0.35mm gauge

Broach magnet: N52 (5.4N+ pull force)

Ball bearings: Stainless steel

Pawls: K5 steel (HRC 45-50)

There are screwdrivers remaining in wave

$69.99 USD
LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver LTT Screwdriver

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Quality tool for a reasonable price

The price isn't bad, its quite reasonable for a tool of it's quality. I'm a home DIYer and I cant do justice to how many times I've gotten frustrated or upset while switching from torx to phillips to flat head, having the screws fall off the end, etc. This screwdriver is the best of the best in all the categories that I actually care about (as demonstrated in the project farm review), and I'll use one of my many fixed shaft screwdrivers for the odd occasion where this driver wont work. While I understand that I could have made some sacrifices and got a lesser tool for 30-40$, I have the capital to expend and I like quality tools so I sprung for this one. I do expect this tool to last a decade or more, and given the attention to detail and transparency I don't think I need to worry about it giving up on me. I ended up ordering 2 more of them so I can have nice Christmas gifts for my buddies. keep up the great work!

What is wrong with the buyers?

Every review that does not have a 5-star says that Linus wants his money and stuff. Clearly, those who are saying those things do not even know how companies work. Also, before you order, can't you see the description? It's there. They say when each wave will be delivered.Are you people blind? Stop trying to pass hate to everyone. A friend bought it the day it came out and he loves it. I also used it for a few minutes. great quality.

this is my public name just cuz
cuz why not

I would have preferred a more communicative informative email bot type order tracking system keeping me in the loop as to order shipment and wave and all that. aint gonna lie. aint gonna read that whole long overblown attempt of an explanation.

Bob Smith

It just works

Get over it

We bought this with very clear indication of when it's shipping, haven't received mine but that's expected after all the huge banner told me when it would be shipped feel free to delete this review once people stop complaining.

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