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Fabric: 80% wool / 20% acrylic
$19.99 USD

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I love beanies, these are the best one's I've had. They're big, so yoh have to fold them pretty far but it's not an issue for me, just if you have a tiny head, you might have an issue with.

Joakim Lindahl
Finaly ut covers my ears

Realy nice fabrik, nice and soft. Love the color, green.
And its a wear everyday kinda beany.
Its almost winter here now, and i cant wait to not freeze on my ears

Matt Duncan
More than a toque, it's a way of living

A foreign tongue grew louder as it approached my door. My postman is here again, on the telephone to a distant land, his mind miles away as he drops my package. I am but a stranger he passes by again on that ever long postman's road, unknowing that we have passed each other again like ships in the dark. I open the box, my new beanie gleams at me, knowing that it has a place on my crown now that my majestic locks were violently hacked away by the barber down the road just days before. I cross the road to the beach, a stately figure on the sands. The ice cold Antarctic winds blasting my face, my beard collecting the salt from the ocean mist as the waves crash, inviting me to sail and challenge their might. My partner looks longing at me as I stride, a tear in her eye knowing that this beanie will look much better on her, waiting for the opportunity, the second my guard is lowered.

Thin and small

A bit thin and small, seems mostly made for indoor use (like Linus wears it) instead of for the cold Canadian winters…

Lukas Thorsén
never arrived

i got no updates via mail about when it's arriving nor did it ever arrive

45 days seriously

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