This is a back-order, so there will be some delay between order & shipping. Here's our best estimated schedule so far:

Wave 1 (9,700 pieces): Shipped from our warehouse by September 20 (SHIPMENT DELAYED DUE TO PORT ISSUES. CURRENT SHIPPING ESTIMATE: EARLY OCTOBER) (SOLD OUT)

Wave 2 (10,000 pieces): Shipped from our warehouse by October 10 (SOLD OUT)

Wave 3 (10,000 pieces): Shipped from our warehouse by October 30

Wave 4 (10,000 pieces): Shipped from our warehouse by November 10

We'll provide updates to expected shipping dates as soon as we can.

The long-awaited LTT Backpack has arrived for back-order!

We thoughtfully designed the 22 pockets & sleeves for a wide variety of daily uses. This bag can accommodate multiple laptops or tablets, portable game consoles, accessories, and hardware/tools - including a pocket dedicated to the upcoming LTT Screwdriver, and a hidden Airtag sleeve near the water bottle sleeve in our vast main storage pocket (we've affectionately called this one the "bag of holding" internally).

All straps & stitches have been reinforced well beyond what an average user would need, including our triple-rivet-reinforced top handle which can hold up to a pull force of 778.6N (175lb or 79kg).

We've aimed for the best possible materials in all aspects. Our main material is a Repreve Polyester with a water-resistant lining which we tested to an AATCC water repellency rating of 80 (spills & light rain will bead on its surface), and - like other materials from Repreve - is made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles. Our zippers are, of course, from the legendary YKK - they're water-resistant across all external pockets & sport custom LTT carabiner-style pulls on all main pockets.

This bag's internal carrying capacity is 25.5L, and the external volume is 35L. That big difference is primarily due to the abundance of padding & reinforcement throughout the bag, including between pockets & below the laptop sleeve, ensuring that your devices should never slide directly onto a hard surface when inserted into a sleeve. That reinforcement also gives the bag a lot of structure, meaning that under most circumstances it can stand on its own - no leaning against a desk required ;)

Max laptop size for largest sleeve: 11.25 x 15.5 x 1.25" (28.575 x 39.37 x 3.175cm)
Meets carry-on standards for most airlines (just barely fits under the seat!)

For more info about the bag, check out the variety of photos down below!
Orders including a backpack & other goods will ship separately. All other items will ship immediately & your backpack will ship as soon as it is available.
TMB Warranty

TMB Guarantee - Limited Lifetime Warranty

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that the LTT Backpack is free from manufacturing and material defects.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid for the usual and customary life of the LTT Backpack. The manner in which the LTT Backpack is used directly impacts the usual and customary life of the product, as materials will deteriorate and fade over time and moving parts (such as zippers) will also wear.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover:

  • damages caused by misuse, abuse, or by accident or negligence;
  • damage caused by rips, cuts or tears;
  • normal wear and tear (including the breakdown of materials over time);
  • products purchased from unauthorized dealers;
  • cosmetic damage; or
  • unauthorized modification or alteration.

In order to make a warranty claim, you must be the original purchaser of the LTT Backpack from or provide a copy of the original proof of purchase.

SIZE GUIDE Dimensions (full) - Height: 18.75" (excluding handle), Width: 13" (excluding straps), Depth: 11.5"
3.7lbs empty.
25.5L internal volume, 35L external size.
Max laptop size for largest sleeve: 11.25 x 15.5 x 1.25" (28.575 x 39.37 x 3.175cm).
Meets carry-on standards for most airlines (just barely fits under the seat!)
Main fabric - 900D * 900D, 100% Recycled Polyester, P/D + W/R + PU Coating Ripstop lining - 75D * 150D, 100% Recycled Polyester, P/D + W/R + TPU Coating

There are backpacks remaining in wave

$249.99 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Tyler E
Great backpack for traveling with tech!

I always just use a backpack when I’m traveling anywhere for less than a week. Used my LTT backpack for a weekend trip this weekend, carrying 4 pairs of clothes, toiletries, phone and watch chargers, two laptops(work and personal), and a USB-C laptop charger to charge the laptops.

Normally even my largest backpack bulges a bit making an already large backpack larger. While the LTT backpack is large, everything maintained the same shape when all zipped up. I could have fit more in it too, I didn’t bring a water bottle but it definitely would have fit, and could have easily fit another laptop or tablet if I had one.

On the back, it was super comfortable to wear. Pads on the straps and back were very comfortable and while I didn’t walk around with it for a long time, based on my experience with the other backpacks I’ve owned I feel like this would have been a lot more comfortable and breathable on the back and shoulders.

Quality wise, my unit didn’t have any issues out of the box. No loose strings, zippers are smooth, no complaints on this end. How it will hold up over time is to be seen, but with how sturdy my first impressions and usage has been, I have high hopes that this backpack will last a long time.

The Letter Carrier's Perspective

This review should be taken with a grain of silica, as Linus and I are parasocially best friends and the backpack mostly sits next to me in my vehicle.
I've never purchased a backpack over $100. I've looked but I've found them all lacking. When I first heard my pbff was making a knapsack I rolled my eyes. Then dude kept talking on the WAN show week after week and I started getting excited. I started noticing the flaws of my crusty old Jansport.
The LTT Backpack fits all my gear with room to spare where the Jansport was full to bursting and didn't fit everything, yet somehow the LTTBP takes up less space and doesn't roll around. The pockets open with one hand, this is a big deal for me as I'm always racing the clock--overseer logistics and whatnot. This bag has saved me time and made my day to day easier, I honestly cannot express the value of equipment that relieves stress from my job.
My favorite aspect of the bag though, is how it feels on my back. It is comfortable and doesn't feel like I'm being pulled backwards. For me there was no adjustment. From day 1 it felt like my bag. I like to think if a super computer scanned my body and brain and AI generated my perfect bag this would be what the machine spit out. I'm excited to not be embarrassed to use it as a carry-on for my next trip.
Thank you Linus and team.

Good product, but room for improvement

TL;DR: Good backpack, some minor issues. If you want something very nice with small (fixable) flaws, while supporting LTT, this is a good pick. If you're looking for 'best value for $250 [+$50 or more shipping]', or the most premium backpack on the market, maybe wait a little bit for them to iterate on this design (if they have the capacity to do so). //

Coming from the mid-range backpack market ($50-$100), there are a lot of good features and interesting customization designed into this backpack. After about a week of use (with a fully loaded backpack) I can definitely confirm that the basic requirements are met: Comfortable shoulder straps, high quality fabric, easy organization, and a premium feel. The ribbed back pad is slightly uncomfortable, but keeps my back cool and is definitely an improvement over the typical flat/ cushioned back pad. It definitely has a boxy look to it, but still looks relatively good when fully packed up. The laptop pocket just barely fits my huge work laptop (HP Z book 17 G6), and when I say 'barely' I mean it; I have to push hard to get it to slide into the largest pocket, and the zipper just barely closes over the corner. It does make me a little concerned about how protected the laptop is from something hitting it, but it's definitely an improvement over my previous backpack, which coudn't come close to fitting the laptop in its pocket. My personal laptop (Surface Pro) still fits in the main compartment, and the smaller pockets are perfect for the chargers, leaving the 'bag of holding' section for whatever I need to bring to work that day (usually headphones / extension cord / tools). //

Since this is definitely a premium price (not even counting shipping, or the markup from it being youtuber merch), there are some nitpicky issues I have with the product.
1. After a relatively small number of cycles, some of the carabiner zippers are getting pulled off with very little force. I imagine that has something to do with the process of replacing the original zipper 'handle' with the specialized ones, but it's surprising how quickly that happened. Not worth sending to support, as it's an easy fix with pliers, but also not something you would expect for any product over $150.
2. The 'charger' pocket fits my Anker PowerCore III 19 perfectly -- but just the charger. There's just barely enough room to squeeze in the charging cable's USB-A connector, and that's including a heavy turn / kink that I'm sure will lead to the cable breaking before its typical lifecycle. This isn't quite right for the product compatibility I would expect from a premium backpack, especially since it's a relatively new, brand-name charger that doesn't quite fit.
3. The handle is definitely sturdy, and probably overengineered, but is also pretty uncomfortable (especially with around 20 lbs of stuff in the backpack). The engineering decision to go with what I'm assuming is some sort of flat metal wire bundle makes sense, but having some sort of padding underneath or rounding off of the sharp edge would go a long way. //

That said, this is still a very good backpack. I don't think I'll be returning it, and I don't think I'm going to regret paying the full price + international shipping (ouch) for a premium-priced product. //

Also props to the engineering and design team -- I have some experience with mechanical design and while this product is not perfect, it is obvious that each feature is well thought out, even beyond what I'm assuming Linus' behind-the-scenes design 'input' would require. //

Chris Morgan
Great Backpack

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase my backpack in the first wave and also received it in the first shipments.
I am coming from daily driving a ~$200 company supplied Ogio backpack and this is a world of difference!
So far this backpack has been fantastic. Obviously, as advertised, the build quality is awesome. It fits me and my lifestyle/work perfect and I can carry around everything I need while the bag still feels light on the back. The padding on the shoulder straps is incredible. I wear this bag just about every day and even while I ride my motorcycle I don't feel any pressure points or fatiguing after a long ride, even while the bag is full with all of my work gear and a full coffee thermos and water bottle. I do love the understated black design of the exterior with the orange interior. It truly does make finding things in the bag easier!
My only wish/suggestions for a second iteration would be:
1. Some way to close the AirTag pocket. Maybe Velcro or small magnets? A few times the bag has slid and rolled across the back seat of my car and I've had to go digging through it later as my AirTag fell out of the pocket.
2. The carabiner zipper pulls. I love the idea and the though behind them, but I have noticed if I grab the pull the wrong way or pull a little too hard/too quick the the spring clip part of the pull can bend out a little to the side and I have to bend it back in place.
Neither of these are deal breakers for me and I couldn't justify knocking a star off the rating for them.
Overall, I love the backpack and I would say it is worth the price. Much better at everything than the Ogio I had been using for years.

Christopher Gabriels
Amazingly Resistant and Spacious

On a bus ride with my backpack someone spilled their coffee all over my bag, everything inside was perfectly dry, just wiped down the outside and everything was fine. You can also fit so much stuff in it, you can carry basically anything.

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