Cable Ties 50-pack

Available Combinations:

Black tie, orange print
Black tie, blue print
Black tie, purple print
Black tie, grey print
Black tie, green print
Black tie, aqua print
Black tie, pink print
White tie, black print
Red tie, black print
Orange tie, white print
Blue tie, black print
Purple tie, black print
Grey tie, black print
Aqua tie, white print
Pink tie, white print

PICK Base color:
PICK Print color:
SIZE GUIDE 20cm (7.87") long
50 per pack. Pass-through slot for easy re-use
$14.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Lawrence McTatggart


Shelby Juarez
Cable ties

Amazing ties. Still holding strong

Wesley Steiner
Buy then

It was just as expensive as buying zip ties and a cutter + they look and work great!


Super grippy. I can see lots of other applications other than building PCs. I like the length, If it is to long jist clip it with some scissors. Shabam, perfect fit! The included sticker pack was fun.

Abe Lay
high quality, but some weird design choices

high quality but some weird design choices,
these ties a bit bigger then im used to which adds bulk to the cable which is exactly what i don't want, and i still dont get why they have the ears at the bit where it passes through it self, i thought that was a side effect of the stamped out of a roll manufacturing process that most cable ties use, but LTT's come in a stack not a roll. maybe they are still cut from a roll and then stacked for packaging? idk. i end up cutting the ears off on ties i use a lot and when i do the end of the tie ends up looking like a dome, i think having that built into a tie would actually be better, even if it wasted a bit of Velcro in cutting, because its a useless bit i am going to cut off anyway.
speaking of packaging its all high quality paper super nice, can use it as a bag to keep the ties clean before use.

suggestions for a GEN 2,
- smaller size: both thinner and narrower, to take up less space on the cable
- no ears: why do they even exist?, i always cut them off of ties i use a lot.
- maybe add patterns, like zebra patterns or or maybe a bigger more logo insert that works as a design flare. if I'm paying more for a cable tie it would be nice to have some flare to it.

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