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Sergey Yastrebov
Interesting title

Some comment here)

Justin Carter
Worked Great

Easy to use. Used my gift card to get some more ltt water bottles and lids.

Cameron Stevens
The Gift Card is a HAMMER!

Use this you buy cool merch that you've been waiting for, or give to your family so they can buy you tech-centric clothing... and soon TOOLS!

They come in fabulous... digital... colours. They're like LFTs that aren't a waste of money. They'll be worth exactly what you paid for them until you spend them.


Gift Card Transmutation

The gift card will be a lot better when I convert it to a screw driver ;).

Funny how things work out...

I have bought gift cards from LTTStore to "preorder" the screwdriver and backpack.
(specifically to help ease the financial overhead on LMG somewhat - and because i like to keep outstanding obligations, esp financial ones, at a minimum)
As neither is available yet though, they have not been used, yet i am already asked to rate the service, right as i sit here and watch Linus ranting on WAN-Show about being called by Teamviewer reps. i find that quite ironic.

Oh well...
Yes, i ordered + paid the gift cards and yes i got the code(s) right away, paying with a prepaid card was no issue at all either so whatever payment processor they use is to my liking.
That's all i can say at this point - the actual turn-in is still outstanding ofc so i can not attest to that side of the transaction.

Similar to how Linus does not want to be called by teamviwer though, i would have much preferred not to have been bothered until this TWO-STEP transaction has been completed:
StepA: Buy the gift card, get the code(s) - worked flawlessly and completely satisfactory
StepB: Turn it in/use it - receive something tangible. Still outstanding ofc and nothing i complain about, i knew it'd take time, just also means i cannot rate it yet.
Only AFTER StepB, once the complete gift-card-transaction has been completed, is a call for a rating appropriate (and applicable, at least in this specific scenario) imo since in case of gift cards this transaction is clearly still pending...
So yes, i am "a little annoyed". Therefore, the rating i can give - at this point - is only "ok-ish".
Let's see if i can update and raise the rating once the shipping of the things the giftcards were for has actually started and the turn-in / "spending" of the giftcards will have worked as flawless as when i bought them.

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