ALL MYSTERY 21OZ WATER BOTTLE SALES ARE FINAL. We are not able to offer returns or exchanges for this item.

Sale $10 off our standard water bottle price - as long as you're OK with a randomly selected color from our v1 water bottle design.

Spout lids are not included on Mystery Water Bottles at this time.

We cannot guarantee that orders of more than one mystery water bottle will include multiple different color varieties. If you don't want to receive a duplicate color, we recommend only ordering 1 unit.

Linus Tech Tips vacuum insulated water bottles are intended to keep hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours, and cold drinks cold for up to 16 hours.

Holds 21 fluid ounces

Important safety notes:

This product is NOT dishwasher safe
Do not place in the microwave
Do not place or store in the freezer
This product is not designed for the long-term storage of liquids

$19.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 222 reviews
The only mystery that's worth the money

I bought this as a treat for myself. Really good quality has a fantastic design and keeps everything cool for hours. Really worth the price!

M. A.
No Mouthpiece, uncomfortable to drink

The material is nice and solid, feels premium and yes, the amount of times that Linus plugged his water bottle ads did make me want to buy it. BUT, I have only 1 issue with it and would like to suggest a fix: The water bottle doesn’t have a mouthpiece, which makes drinking large volumes of liquid very uncomfortable as every time I try to drink some protein shakes or any other drink, I’m always nervous that it might spill over my face and shirt. A mouthpiece would be really nice and would make the water bottle a solid 5 stars for me, which is why I gave it 3 stars, because that mouthpiece is really important, especially for people who can’t afford spilling drinks other than water on them during work or at home.

Timothy Lockwood
Loved it

Decided to take my chances on the mystery water bottle as my first LTT store purchase, and i was extremely happy with the bottle. Definitely won't be my last purchase

Ricky Jones
It was a real Mystery!

Well, what can I say?
Many things if course...
It arrived in good time given I'm a long way away from Canadialand in the mother country.
I was looking forward to getting an exciting colour or something unusual...I got white with black detail and you know what, it suits perfectly with all the other white or off-white water bottles I own 😁

In terms of use, it's great, I use it all day everyday, in work and at home, although I am going to buy the bigger on for home use, keeps the drink cold for a good long time.
Highly recommend it to anyone in need of a quality water bottle!!

Parker Prouty


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