ShortCircuit Hoodie

You've been waiting for it!

This is the same amazing base garment as the WAN Hoodie, but with a special ShortCircuit flair

Features 1 kanga pocket and 7 additional pockets

We have received some feedback from buyers of the ShortCircuit Hoodie that not everyone likes the feeling of our French Terry backing. If you have concerns about the texture of fabric against your skin, we highly recommend looking closely at picture #9 for a close-up of the fabric backing. Fabric texture is all about personal preference, so if you don't like the feeling of French Terry against your skin, stay tuned for future offerings that may align more with your preferences!

PICK Size:








CHEST (in)







HIP (in)







Body Content: 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester Contrast Content: 57% Cotton / 38% Polyester / 5% Spandex Care: Machine wash cold with like colours. Lay flat to dry. Iron low. Do not bleach. Do not drop. :) Imported.
$89.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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One of a kind, and my favorite!

I love it! I own the WAN Hoodie too. This sweatshirt is so thought out - it's appealing, functional and so unique! I truly appreciate it. I love the pockets, the thumb sleeves, and the fit (I'm female, 5'5" 125lbs, picked size small). I admired the Shortcircuit design on the sold-out long sleeve t-shirts, and SO EXCITED it's a Wan Sweatshirt now! I receive compliments wearing either of the LTT wan Hoodies I own. They are very comfortable for me - doesn't cling like other poly work-out fabrics, it holds its shape after washing. Very functional for stashing tech and minimal items out jogging as well. I think these hoodies are brilliant! Thank you!

James Dickieson
No 4X

I cannot order this because I see no pics of bigger dudes like me in the pics, strange to see people who say "well gosh darn, is not small enough"."I wish it was smaller","why is it not smaller","I
want to put this on my 36 month old" don't worry friend you can always wear it, us fat guys we can't, it's called indecent exposure if it doesn't cover enough

Wish they had a smaller size

Love the style and all the pockets, as a small female though really wish there was an XS or a female version.

Gregory Steinke
Thumb holes!

Got to admit, I mainly purchased this for the colors and thumb holes. I've purchased several hoodies and the like that have thumb holes and these are by far the most comfortable of the bunch. As far as materials, it's seems pretty standard as far as hoodies go. It doesn't feel cheap. Though, it's also not very plush and I won't be using it for impromptu sleep wear. It's sturdy feeling and is well made, so will likely last a while. If it's worth the price or not to me will depend on how long the thumb holes last before they distort out of shape or tear. Since they have a hem sewn into them, unlike any of my other thumb hole clothing, that's not likely to happen any time soon. I love it so far but have only had it for a day at this point. I hope it's quality holds considering the price. So far, worth it.

Nicholas Hesler
Design is amazing! Some zippers are hard to open though

The design of this hoodie is something I wanted LTT to make for a long time. I love the colors, the design, the thumb holes, the pockets, etc. There are two things I think could be improved.

Some of the pockets are difficult to unzip, mainly the right arm sleeve pocket. I am a size M and have been for a long time and I got the M size. The sleeve has a tad too much slack in the top half (where the zipper is) making the zipper difficult to open without also using another finger the hold the fabric tight to open or close it.

I also do agree with Beatrice that the sleeve lining material is a tad rough at times. Most of the time it is perfectly comfortable to wear.

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