Spout Lid for LTT Water Bottle

$9.99 USD

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If you have previously purchased a bottle on your customer account, you should automatically see a 50% discount applied in the cart. If you are an owner of an LTT water bottle (logged in on your customer account) and the discount is not applied at checkout, please reach out to support@lttstore.com

Our spout lids will fit any size of LTT Water Bottle (and many others on the market, though we haven't certified anything outside of our own products).


Materials: BPA free plastic & rubber grip

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Palmer
It's hard to fuck up a water bottle lid

It works, no problems, 5 stars.

Callum Johnson

Spout Lid for LTT Water Bottle

Russ Hobson
It's a lid and it's spouty

The new lid is great, easy to drink from, less spillage if poured to quickly. Retrofit onto the bottle was a cinch. Price was great as I was a previous bottle customer, but international shipping was a lot, that's not your fault though. Please setup a local distributor for the UK so we can buy more stuff.

Raziel Ruelas
I think it's great.

Although I think the product is a great idea and it works well. When I have ice cold water, I do notice that some condensation appears around the bottom of the spout when the lid is closed tight.

I think maybe the seal isn't as good as the original top for the water bottle is at keeping the internal temps low.

I still use the product though and recommend it to anyone with the LTT water bottle.

Craig Still
The Best!

You people are doing some really great work over there on the left coast. The lid fit to the vessel is perfect. The cap fit to the spout is perfect. My one concern was the cap coming back and whacking me in the face unless I kept it back with a finger or something, and you had thought of that too, by making it hold itself back with a friction fit design. The materials used and the tolerances that were designed, engineered and manufactured into this little product makes the price well worth it. Also having it double as a handle and something that could be attached to a carabiner is another great feature. I don't know how I would improve on it. Well done LTT.

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