Insulated Water Bottle

All updated LTT Water Bottles come standard with the new spout lid instead of the old screw-off top.

Show off your inner techie in style with the LTT vacuum-insulated water bottle - now available in 10 additional color combinations!

Linus Tech Tips vacuum insulated water bottles are intended to keep hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours, and cold drinks cold for up to 16 hours.

Holds 21 or 40 fluid ounces (620mL or 1.18L), depending on your preferred size.

Important safety notes:

This product is NOT dishwasher safe
Do not place in the microwave
Do not place or store in the freezer
This product is not designed for the long-term storage of liquids

PICK Size:
PICK Color:
SIZE GUIDE 21oz: Height - 10.5"/26.67cm, Diameter: 2.75"/7cm 40oz: Height - 12"/30.5cm, Diameter: 3.5"/8.9cm
Made with double-walled 18/8 stainless steel. Vacuum-insulated. Powder coated.
$29.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 2904 reviews
Very good

I purchased it for my dad, he really likes it, and its pretty durable so far

Carl Zwang
Fading out, bad quality

I have used this bottle for 1 month now. It all faded out, only black paint remains...
Moreover custom taxes were awful for France, 23 euros for less than 100 euros order.

Water bottle was nice for 1 week then the gold motherboard drawing was gone...

I am very sad.

Joseph Galluzzi
Great quality

I've tried several bottles over the years but this one is the best. No metallic taste even with my water being in there overnight, stays cold for almost a full day even when left in a hot car, and it doesn't seem to be too fragile. I was originally worried about anything touching the design but it doesn't seem to come off easily or at all, although i think I'd still like a bottle sleeve to become available one day for an extra layer of protection

Aiden Krist
Great quality, rock solid, keeps water cold. The best water bottle I've ever had.

Only real issue I have with the 40oz size is that it doesn't fit in pretty much every cupholder/bottle holder I see. It'll fit in the side pocket of my backpack, but won't fit in either the cupholders or the door pockets in any cars I've been in.

Which of course, is something I'm 100% willing to put up with. I drink water as fast as a truck's V8 engine drinks gas, and there's nothing more annoying to me than running out of water in the middle of the day not long after filling my bottle - something that always happened with me when I used to carry a 24oz bottle around.

I've also dropped it quite hard a few times by accident, the lid never broke open/off, and the only damage I see to it is a few scratches in the motherboard design on the bottle.

Long term Review, ITS A GAME CHANGER!

After using this water every day on a FedEx ground truck setting on the dash in the sun or hanging it on the door handle. The stealth black has held up extremely well, I have brought this to work every day in 105 degrees Fahrenheit weather. Witch maybe once had gotten too warm to hold. For the first three months, I used it without the new lid but since then I've bought the lid and now I hang the bottle full, by the clamp and had it against steel shelves and doors. With minor cosmetic damage "I wouldn't call them scratches" and had even dropped it out of the truck "maybe while moving more than once" this has been by far the best purchase I've made for work almost ever. The damn thing is nearly and have full intent on buying all of my team one. Thank you LMG this is a game changer - swacket is next for the work gear

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