Insulated Water Bottle

All updated LTT Water Bottles come standard with the new spout lid instead of the old screw-off top.

Show off your inner techie in style with the LTT vacuum-insulated water bottle. 

Linus Tech Tips vacuum insulated water bottles are intended to keep hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours, and cold drinks cold for up to 16 hours.

Holds 21 or 40 fluid ounces (620mL or 1.18L), depending on your preferred size.

Important safety notes:

This product is NOT dishwasher safe
Do not place in the microwave
Do not place or store in the freezer
This product is not designed for the long-term storage of liquids

PICK Color Classic
$29.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Hannah Carrisalez
Great Product

I drink alot of water so the 40oz made sense for me. The insulated cooling is great for keeping my stuff cold for awhile! I have even dropped it a couple times and dinged it and its still fine.

Rolando Rosales
Too slippery

I really like this bottle, its the perfect size, has a very sleek design, and keeps my water cold for hours.

However, it has one very bad flaw: it is incredibly slippery. It keeps slipping out of my TNF Borealis' mesh cup holder if the backpack isn't upright, it keeps slipping out of the holder.
It unfortunately slipped out of the holder when I tried to tie my shoes once, and it ended up scuffing the top of the bottle and denting the bottom of the cup really badly, that the bottle doesn't sit flat anymore. It wobbles on flat surfaces now.
I've owned cheap-o insulated bottles and a Hydroflask and none of them have had this issue. I'm honestly probably just going to end up using the bottle at home now, which sucks because I want to show off its cool design at school lol
I wish there were some silicone grips that could be slid onto the cup to prevent it from sliding, I'd definitely buy one of those if they were avaiable. But until then I just think this cup is too slippery to be taken outside


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David Nicholas
So Good My Wife Stole Mine

I loved my water bottle, but apparently my wife likes it more. She stole it from me and won’t give it back. Had to order another one just to settle the debate. I wanted the new blue color anyway.

Nathan Carr
Great water bottle!

This water bottle is well made. Graphics are still on it months later. I left ice water in the bottle with the lid off and came back 24 hours later. There was still ice!

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